December 1, 2023

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Hey, new Apple Watch?  No, it’s a Samsung that looks very similar

Hey, new Apple Watch? No, it’s a Samsung that looks very similar

Samsung will soon release a new fitness tracker with a design very similar to that of the Apple Watch.

on Leaked photos The upcoming Samsung Galaxy Fit 3 is on display: a new fitness tracker with a rectangular AMOLED display. The design is very similar to the Apple Watch in several aspects. The side in particular is reminiscent of the Apple smartwatch. The screen size of the Samsung wearable device varies.

The Galaxy Fit 3 has it accordingly Windows Report A built-in heart rate sensor, but many other specifications have not been leaked yet. With a wearable device, you can of course track your athletic performance, steps, and sleep. You can also receive notifications from your smartphone and control music. The Fit 3 may also have a GPS sensor.

Khalifa after more than three years

The Fit 3 appears to have no hinge or mechanism to change the strap. You are then stuck with the color you chose when purchasing.

The previous version, the Galaxy Fit 2, dates back to 2020, so it’s about time for Samsung’s new fitness tracker. Price not yet known. The Fit 2 was €59 at the time, but it was a slightly less advanced model with a narrow screen.


With the new fitness tracker, Samsung is competing with competitors such as Garmin, Fitbit, and Xiaomi. The Fit 3 may be released in January along with the Galaxy S24.

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