December 3, 2023

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4Gamers – Review |  Indie flash

4Gamers – Review | Indie flash

Starward Industries found inspiration for its game The Invincible from the novel of the same name by Stanisław Lem. In The Invincible, you will play as Yasna who has been sent with her team to the unknown planet Regis III to conduct research. The investigation culminates in the space race between the Commonwealth and the Alliance.

However, the investigation mission soon turns into a rescue mission when several team members disappear on the strange planet. Yasna wakes up after being sent to the planet, but something has caused her last memory to be erased. One of the many mysteries plaguing the planet that she, as a scientist, wants to answer.

While you are alone on the planet, you can still communicate with the ship suspended above the planet. Your leader, Novik, is in close contact with you, and through dialogues with him you will try to explain various phenomena. If communication breaks down, Yasna will talk to herself, so she can get an idea of ​​what’s on her mind. A leader is quick to step on his or her toes and is often vocal about the choices you do or don’t make.

The Invincible is essentially a walking simulator where you wander the harsh environments of a relatively dead Regis III. There are several triggers that start a dialogue, but in which you can also perform certain actions. For example, you have to take pictures of the robot to find out what happened. It’s not easy to convert actions from a book into a playable variant in the game. As a result, the game often loses its rhythm and it’s not always easy to keep your attention.

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Getting around the planet isn’t always easy with the way the developer designates walkable locations. Sometimes you see a rock you can easily climb, but the heading stops you. You’ll also often encounter invisible walls on your way, but fortunately you have a small rover that you can control in more open areas. Visually, the developer has done justice to the planet. We also had to restart the game a few times due to a small bug.