November 30, 2022

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'At the time, she was only thinking like a queen and not a mother': How the Queen spoiled her son's happiness in the 1970s |  Queen's Contracts

‘At the time, she was only thinking like a queen and not a mother’: How the Queen spoiled her son’s happiness in the 1970s | Queen’s Contracts

PropertyYou gotta get it from your family, Queen Elizabeth (96) must have thought the 1970s. Sister Margaret shamed royal cheeks with her bikini image and handsome boy, but Prince Charles’ choice of Camilla also raises eyebrows. Thus, Elizabeth intervened under pressure from her advisors. So it should come as no surprise that the 1970s were a dark period for the Queen. Literally, because when the miners strike in London, her whole city fell into darkness.

This year, Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II will take the throne for 70 years. On the occasion of the Queen’s platinum anniversary, we list the most important moments from her reign. Every day we take a closer look at a decade. Read all about the Queen’s contracts in our profile.

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