September 27, 2023

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Autozine – Driving impression: Dacia Jogger

Autozine – Driving impression: Dacia Jogger

There is nothing to see from the outside in this “sleeping pack”. The treadmill with camping function does not have a high ceiling and is no longer an ordinary treadmill. The Jogger is still a cross between an SUV and a station wagon, which explains why the car is so roomy. The Jogger has the height of an SUV and the station wagon’s extended roofline.

Dacia Jogger

One test car “Maximum”The version that looks really good with the dark green paint and copper color accents. Black bumpers all around, black roof racks and black trim provide an adventurous look. The Jogger may not have the most refined design on the market, but in the Extreme Edition, that’s only an advantage because the powerful personality is enhanced.


Inside, the Jogger also exudes simplicity, but certainly not poverty. Once again, the copper colored accents return, along with the beautiful cloth strip above the dashboard, creating a very unique look. Functionality and low price are always taken as the starting point. Thus, the equipment includes everything necessary, but there is absolutely no innovation or excess. Despite all its simplicity, no condition was missed during the testing period. Keyless entry, Apple CarPlay display, blind spot detection and a rear camera were found to be very useful and not redundant.

Dacia Jogger
Dacia Jogger

Dacia’s optional infotainment system (sound, communications and navigation) uses a much simpler design than usual. However, all the basic functions are present. Moreover: Thanks to the simple design, it is easier to operate, so that many people will also benefit from it! The flat and noisy sound of the audio system prevents the enjoyment of music. Spoken words (news and podcasts) are displayed more clearly.

Space and sleep pack

The Dacia Jogger’s unique feature is its enormous interior space. It’s good in the front, with a slightly raised seat that ensures easy entry. The rear seat is slightly higher than the front seats to improve visibility and to ensure passengers are not lying down but sitting upright. This means that the Jogger’s height is used optimally and there is room for a third row of seats. Adults can actually sit here, while the seven larger (and more expensive!) seats in the third row often provide just enough room for kids.

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“Although all the features are designed specifically for the Jogger, Dacia does not take advantage of its monopoly position by charging an exorbitant price for it”

When selecting the Sleep Package, the third row of seats must be removed. In its place, a large box is attached with straps (which can be removed!). This box has a capacity of 220 liters. Part of it is used for the tent as well as the accessories, so the Jogger can now carry up to two people’s luggage.

Dacia Jogger

With the rear seat folded up and the front seats pushed all the way forward, the innovative construction can be revealed. The attached mattress can then be placed on top of it to create a bed approximately 190 cm long. Thanks to yet another clever design, the bed is now wider at the shoulders (130 cm), making it comfortable for one person and just enough for two. Setting up the bed takes some studying the first time, but it can then be set up in less than five minutes. Although the length and width are sufficient, it is important to know that the height is small. The bed is not on the loading floor, but is elevated in the car, so there is only 60 cm of space between the mattress and the ceiling. Anyone who feels uncomfortable in small spaces may find this objectionable.

A tent can also be ordered as an extension to the sleeping pack. It has an extra hole so it can be attached to the back of the jogger. The tent is about the same length as the car, which doubles the space. This creates an additional “living room” or sleeping quarters. The tent is much less easy to set up than the bed in the back of the car, in part because the instructions are brief, to say the least. As with many other tents, the stakes provided are quite small, so it is advised to replace them with larger ones before leaving. In addition, keep in mind that attaching to the car is very simple. This tent (front) is not intended for use in extreme weather conditions. In other words, running with a sleeping bag is for vacations, not excursions.

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Dacia Jogger

LPG, Gasoline or Hybrid

If you want to camp cheap, you also want to travel cheap. That is why, in addition to the conventional petrol engine, the Jogger is also available as a hybrid and LPG version. The hybrid has its own test report, and that’s why “ECO-G” or the LPG variant chosen. Because LPG is factory installed, the tank is not visible and the fuel level display is integrated into the standard on-board computer.

For a lower price tag, the Jogger is powered by the same 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine found in other models. This is a modern power unit with a start / stop system, a shift indicator and a 6-speed gearbox. However, for this great feud, the “TCe 100” Actually a very small size. Therefore, great care must be taken when using the clutch pedal (hybrid model is only available as an automatic transmission) and a calm driving style is the only option. The engine runs less smoothly on LPG than on petrol. When the engine is well warmed up, it will run more easily. What remains is a somewhat annoying whistling sound depending on the speed.

After a short break, during which driving was mainly done on the motorway, the LPG consumption was 8.2 liters per 100 km. On gasoline it was 5.3 liters per 100 km. Note that the LPG filler hole uses the so-called Italian connection. Because of this, an inverter is always needed in the Netherlands, making refueling unnecessarily cumbersome.

Dacia Jogger

road handling

The Jogger is slightly higher than a conventional station wagon and has a slightly higher ground clearance. This is useful in the uneven grass at the campsite, but also ensures a higher center of gravity. However, the Jogger has excellent handling in practice. At this point, even the least noticeable is that this is an economy car. Although the Jogger is by no means a sports car or interesting to drive, its handling is secure and the comfort is good.

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Also good to know: Thanks to its well-thought-out construction, Camping Gear doesn’t rattle or make noises despite all the moving parts. The extra 50 kg is also not very noticeable in practice. Thus the handling of the Jogger is much better than that of a big, long bus converted into a pickup truck.

Dacia Jogger


Dacia Jogger was the most spacious and most affordable car in its class. But is the jogging stroller so spacious it can double as a stroller? After a short vacation in our country, the answer is: Yes, to some extent.

Of course, the Jogger is not a camper complete with a bed, shower, kitchen and living room. With its good base and cleverly designed extension, the Jogger offers a weatherproof sleeping place that’s also available in a few minutes. This is combined with the comfort, maneuverability and consumption of an average passenger car. Setting up the optional (front) tent takes some time, but greatly increases living space. Although all the features are designed specifically for the Jogger, Dacia does not take advantage of its monopolistic position by charging an exorbitant price for it.. In this way, travel and accommodation are suddenly much cheaper, and this is the real camping with Dacia!


  • Very spacious
  • Smart sleep package
  • Very good value for money


  • Sharp sound system
  • Annoying whistling sound coming from the engine
  • LPG fitting has a non-Dutch connection (requires a reducer)

The best offers for Dacia Jogger

  • first choice
  • 3 years warranty
  • Two-year paint warranty
  • 97 in stock
  • From 2022
  • from 1 km
  • New car
  • no investment
  • Worry-free driving
  • New car
  • Financially attractive
  • add 22%