February 21, 2024

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Autumn in Amsterdam: Pruning, blowing leaves and warming your home safely

Autumn is in full swing and dark days are upon us. Many people love autumn: beautiful colors outside, with lights and on the sofa with a thick sweater. Amsterdam is working hard this season by pruning, removing leaves and making sure people heat their homes safely. how to do that?

We prune street trees between the end of October and the end of April. It can be done all year round, but it is quieter at this time, so we can do the work better.

Why trim?

The two main reasons are:

  1. We remove branches that obstruct traffic and that grow against the facade or lamppost, for example. Over the years, we usually remove all low hanging branches of the tree, so that the tree is not a nuisance. Therefore, the lower part of the trunk usually does not have lateral branches.
  2. We remove dead or weak branches because they are dangerous if broken. After the storm, we are very busy cleaning up and making public places safe.

trim to shape

We also prune – sometimes very – for ‘beauty’. Trees have a special shape and we must preserve them as such. Like “pellets”. or trees as a pillar. In Karel du Jardinstraat, for example, there are column-shaped water cypress trees. This means very precise pruning.

Lots of healthy fruits

We also prune fruit trees in food orchards on the outskirts of the city. They become more vibrant, grow better and then get more and better fruits.

When do we prune?

We always follow the natural growth of street trees. We let them grow well. And we trim Not For falling leaves, shade, aphids, seeds and birds. All of these things belong to a tree. Residents sometimes ask us to prune a healthy growing tree for shade, for example, but we don’t. We only prune if it is really necessary for safety or traffic.

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Who cuts trees?

Pruning is a delicate work. Municipal tree team pruning downtown trees, huge trees and in case of disaster. Certified tree care companies prune trees in the rest of the city. This is preceded by a comprehensive examination. We prune young trees every two or three years, and old trees every 5 years.

We can’t say which tree was pruned and when, even if we asked the residents. This depends on the conditions and planning of the tree care company.

Nothing should be hung on the tree. This is stated in the municipal law. If we want to prune and there is something in the tree, wreaths, or Christmas decorations, we first ask residents or shopkeepers if they want to remove it from the tree.

Blowing leaves: a necessary evil

Blowing leaves, a major nuisance to many people. It is often noisy and smelly. good news! We are gradually switching to electricity. Old equipment is replaced with electric leaf blowers. This saves a lot of noise and emissions.

Why do we explode?

The question, of course, is: Why do we, puffs of papers? We remove leaves from driveways, sidewalks and roads, otherwise they become very slippery. On the street we sweep papers with a sweeper. As much compost as possible is made from leaf waste. Unfortunately, this is not possible if there is a lot of garbage in it.

Leaves choke the grass. This is why we also remove leaves on lawns in parks and greenbelts. Then we blow leaves into the bushes and plants. There are insects, hedgehogs and other animals that use the leaves as a protective layer.

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We leave it naturally in places where the leaves do not cause any damage. Protects plants and insects in winter.

You can contact us for all your questions about green The Urban Green Point. This is an accessible platform for questions from residents in Plantage Midelan, near Hortus.

Heating your home safely and healthy

Due to rising gas prices, residents are looking for other ways to heat their homes and workplaces. Be very careful. some advices.

wood burning

Sometimes the wood stove and heater turn on (again). Clean the chimney professionally first. There is a risk of fire in the chimney – the cause of 1 in 3 household fires. Always stay close to you, and do not place objects next to it.

Oil and petroleum heaters

These heaters have significant drawbacks. The heat from oil and gas heaters is much less than that from a gas-fired central heating boiler. Also, smoking oil or petroleum stoves and candles releases harmful substances into the air. Don’t place objects directly next to them and be very careful when adding them.

Prevent heat from escaping

Keep all doors closed so the heat stays in the room you’re in. Insulate walls, floors and ceilings, apply insulating glass and attach pull-tabs where necessary. Make sure there is ventilation. By ventilation the humidity is lower in the house, and dry air heats up faster than moist air.

smoke detectors

Make sure you have a properly working smoke detector in the room where you are shooting and in adjacent rooms. Be aware that carbon monoxide can form with less efficient combustion. This is life threatening.

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Central heating boiler: pay attention to maintenance

Have the boiler serviced regularly by professionals. Good for safety but also for economical gas use. By filling and venting the central heating boiler, you ensure that it is operating optimally.

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