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Babylon 5 Sci-Fi Series Reboot – Sound & Vision – Geeks

Babylon 5, a direct copy of DS9 (just watch the first episodes, the plot will likely be explained differently). By the way, DS9 is one of the best Star Treks I think.

Sorry, I do not quite agree, the two series are not the same at all, the only thing is that they are set on a space station, but they are 1000 times bigger than Deep Space 9, and that there are aliens in it, and Babylon 5 came out literally a month and a half after Deep Space 9 In 1993 it was a lot different if it was a year or more, but I can see you’ve never actually seen him because they don’t look alike at all.

about the topic: That’s really great news, Babylon 5 is a really good sci-fi series, it’s one of the best series, I think one of the best series, I couldn’t wait for the next season to come out on TV, me and my dad were literally glued to TV when every part came out, and it was We have the same with Star Trek Next Generation and Star Trek Deep Space 9, but we liked Babylon 5 a little better, I hope that’s the right word and no contemporary crap in Come on, I hardly watch the series because there’s so much shit stuffed with the word these days , but I’m really happy that the creator and creator J. Good or better than the original, it is a pity that the old players cannot take on their old roles, because they are much older now, 23 years older than the last part of the series, and many of them have already passed away alas, very sad, they are not very old.

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Richard Biggs and Dr. Stephen Franklin: 44 jaar.
Andreas Katsoulas as Jacquard: 59 years old.
Jerry Doyle as Michael Garibaldi: 60 years old.
Jeff Conway as Zack Allen: 60 years old.
Michael O’Hare as Commander. Jeffrey Sinclair: 60 years old.
Stephen Forrest as Couto: 66 years old.

It is curious how many main characters in this series have died.

Update: You probably put them through it 5 original cast will be joining Babylon 5More good news.

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