December 5, 2023

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Back from a year ago: Which country will win the mixed relay at the European Cycling Championships?  |  European Championship 2023

Back from a year ago: Which country will win the mixed relay at the European Cycling Championships? | European Championship 2023

European Cycling Championships: Mixed relay

Team time experience Team time experiencedistance 38.4 how much
location 3:30 pm: Amen – 4:30 pm: Faith

The mixed relay, a mixed team time trial, is on the program today at the European Cycling Championships in Emmen. Who will soon be Italy’s successor on the list of honour? We’re following the mixed relay closely here with a live stream from 3:30 p.m.

  1. 09:00 08. Who will succeed Italy? Last year, the mixed relay was not on the program of the European Championships, but the latest edition in 2021 was won by the Italians, led by the strong Filippo Ganna. Switzerland looks to be the clear favorite for gold this year, with patented fast riders such as Stefan Bisseger, Stefan Kung and Marlene Rosser, but Kung will not be there after his heavy fall yesterday in the individual time trial. It remains to be seen who will replace Kong today. In addition to Switzerland, countries such as France, Poland, Germany and Italy are also starting to achieve their podium ambitions. The defending champion is missing specialists Edoardo Aveni and Filippo Ganna. Belgium will soon be able to take the lead. The Belgians will be the first country to start at 3:30 p.m. Followed by Ukraine (3:33 p.m.), Poland (3:36 p.m.), Netherlands (3:39 p.m.), Italy (3:42 p.m.), Germany (3:45 p.m.), France (3:48 p.m.) and Switzerland. (3:51 PM). .
  2. 09 hours 08.
  3. 09 hours 03. Loop 19.4 km. For Victor Fercoli, who also took part in the time trial due to Promises yesterday, this will soon be a familiar ride. The mixed relay route is identical to the time trial route for juniors and juniors. The 19.4-kilometre-long circuit has almost no bends and is almost flat. So it is the right choice for experienced players. .
  4. Track. 09 hours 02.
  5. 08 hours 49. Who drives to Belgium? Among the men, Belgium will soon count on 3 promises: Gilly Vermut, Victor Vercoli and Seppe Doerdt. The Belgian women who will soon be competing in the mixed relay are Sarah van de Wiel, Veuve Bastiansen and Valerie Demy. Vircoli has already had a time trial run on her legs at this European Championships. Yesterday he also rode the individual time trial for the Promises. Vercoli finished 23rd, 1’49” behind winner Alec Seghart.
  6. 08 hours 46. How does it work? After a year of absence, the mixed relay race in Emmen is again on the program of the European Championships. But how did it work again, that mixed group experience? Let us refresh your memory. Every country starts with 3 men and 3 women. These could be promising class knights as well as elite knights. The men start first. Once the second man crosses the line, the three women can leave. The chrono stops when the second woman crosses the finish line. .
  7. 08:45.
  8. 08:44 Watch the mixed relay later. Today the mixed relay is on the program in Emmen. We are following the Mixed Team Time trial on this page, via live streaming. The broadcast begins at 3:30 pm on Ain TV. .

European Cycling Championships program in Drenthe
Wednesday 9/20 Junior Women’s Time Trial (20.6 km) 9 am Federica Venturelli (Italy)
Wednesday 9/20 Junior Time Trial (20.6 km) 10.25 am Albert Witten Phillipsen (Den)
Wednesday 9/20 Trial of Time and Women’s Promises (20.6 km) 12:00 Zoe Backstedt (Britain)
Wednesday 9/20 Time Trial Men’s Promises (20.6 km) 1:05 pm Alec Sigart
Wednesday 9/20 Women’s Elite Time Trial (29.5 km) 2:30 pm Marilyn Rosser (Sui)
Wednesday 9/20 Men’s Elite Trial (29.5 km) 4:15 pm Joshua Tarling (GBr)
Thursday 9/21 Time trial mixed relay for juniors 12.45 pm
Thursday 9/21 Time Trial Mixed Relay Elite/Promises 3:30 pm Live on VRT1 from 3:30pm.
Friday 9/22 Men’s Oud Road Race (136.5 km) 9:30 am
Friday 9/22 Women’s Oud Road Race (108 km) 2:30 pm
Saturday 9/23 Junior road race (111 km) 9 am
Saturday 9/23 Women’s Elite Road Race (131.3 km) 1:45 pm Live on VRT1 at 2:30pm
Sunday 9/24 Junior road race (69 km) 9 am
Sunday 9/24 Men’s Elite Road Race (199.9 km) 12.15 noon Live on VRT1 from 2pm.
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