December 1, 2023

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Balancing the load of your car, heat pump or boiler: this is how you can do it and you will save a lot |  Electric car

Balancing the load of your car, heat pump or boiler: this is how you can do it and you will save a lot | Electric car

Mining energyMore and more families have an electric car and this trend will accelerate in the coming years. A charging station or point in your home is cheaper and more flexible than using a public charging facility. Through load balancing, you can not only avoid overloading the power grid, but you can also significantly reduce your consumption bill. Energy expert Jonas Verstraeten explains How the principle works.

Written by Kurt Deman, in collaboration with Mijnenergie


What is Load Balancing?

Jonas Verstraeten, on behalf of the energy management platform, focuses on improving energy in the business world. “In a residential context, load balancing means actively monitoring and controlling your consumption, so that it stays within the current capacity of your connection. It therefore ensures that the electricity grid is not overloaded.

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How does it actually work?

Let’s say your home has a power connection with a maximum of 20 amps. You are cooking and using 10 amps by combining the oven and electric stove. Your electric car is now charging and using 6 amps. I also decided to start ironing and the iron consumes 6 amps. The car charging station will automatically reduce power consumption to 4 amps, staying below the 20 amp limit.

According to the energy expert, it is also possible to scale to different load balancing ranges. It always means savings on your energy bill:

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Peak shaving: This is done to reduce the peaks as much as possible. For example, a charging station will automatically indicate that your car needs to be charged at times when there is very little consumption in the rest of the house. The purpose is to reduce costs Power rate To keep it as low as possible.

Increase self-consumption: This applies to people who have solar panels. The charging station automatically controls itself to charge your vehicle at times when solar energy production is high.

Dynamic rates: For people with such a rate, the charging station directs consumption towards times when rates are low.

“I have now given the example of a charging station, but load balancing is also possible with other flexible consumers, such as a battery, heat pump or electric boiler,” Verstraeten points out.

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What is required to do load balancing?

The charging station, battery or heat pump is equipped with an “intelligent” algorithm to enable different forms of load balancing. If not or if you have multiple smart devices in your home, you can install an Energy Manager, which takes care of smart control of various things in your home. A number of startups in this field are ScoptVision, LifePowr, and Smart Grid One.

“To make control possible, the ‘smart device’ needs data. Typically, a link is established with your local digital smart meter to measure the total energy consumption and production of solar panels,” concludes Verstraten.

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