December 5, 2023

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Bitcoin & ethereum herstellen van dip, binance coin stijgt weer hard, nieuwe ATH voor solana en meer altcoins

Bitcoin and Ethereum Recover from Fall, Binance Rises Again, New ATH for Solana and More Altcoins » Crypto Insiders

from Cryptocurrency The market started in November strongly, especially Altcoins He took the lead last week. The arrival of some of the largest cryptocurrencies in the market to new Its all-time high (ATHs) this week. Yesterday, a number of prices saw a big drop and that was accompanied by a little drop whales who won. However, prices are holding up well and supply is generally rising Cryptocurrency exchange still far away. Hence, the total market capitalization is around $2.89 trillion.


Bitcoin (BTC) It showed a similar pattern last week to the previous week. However, this week the price has fallen a lot less, which is a good sign. Bitcoin peaked at $64,200 on Tuesday, but then started falling. Yesterday, Bitcoin dropped again and the price briefly reached $60,300.

Overall, the support around $61,000 is holding well for now. Bitcoin started to rise again towards the end of the evening. The price peaked around $62,600 last night, but then corrected to $62,000 this morning. Could Bitcoin finally break out next week or will the price stay in this consolidation phase for a bit longer?


Ethereum (ETH) It peaked this week with a new ATH. Last Wednesday, the price briefly touched a new all-time high at $4,675. Ether then corrected slightly lower but appeared to hold well around $4,500. However, yesterday Ether, along with Bitcoin, also saw a significant drop and the price briefly reached $4,350. Ether managed to recover overnight and is currently falling back above $4,600, just 1% away from ATH. Will we see a new record high again this week?

Binance Coin, Solana and Polkadot

Binance coin (BNB) is rising faster and faster. The price is back 8% in plus today and now 27% this week. BNB is currently standing at $668, the highest level since mid-May and less than 3% below the ATH of $686. So the chance of getting a new ATH for BNB this week seems very real.

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Solana (SOL) also continues to climb. This is now going a little slower, but the price of SOL still manages to break its record price. Just before midnight, a new $259 SOL hit ATH. How high can SOL go up in the near future?

The remaining jacket of the top ten is a bit behind today. Polkadot (DOT) dropped in Bitcoin and Ethereum yesterday, but made a nice jump this morning, bringing the price back above $53. This is also only about 3% away from ATH 3 days ago. Maybe we’ll soon see a new DOT record, too.

Top 100 Outliers

The Shiba Inu (SHIP) stock was falling sharply last week after the massive rally in October. However, Sheba made a strong bounce on Friday that allowed it to recover a significant amount of pullback once again. However, overnight, the price corrected down again so that SHIB remains at the negative 10% level this week. SHIB comes in at $0.0000578 at the time of writing, about 33% below the ATH of 10 days ago.

Just below SHIB, Terra (LUNA) is up 5% today and 20% this week. LUNA just created a new $52.6 ATH. In addition, we see the avalanche (AVAX) rising sharply again. AVAX is up 10% today, 35% this week and made a new ATH of $85.4 just a few hours ago.

Then we have some tough outliers in the market. For example, helium (HNT) is at least 42% in plus condition today and 63% this week. HNT just bought a new ATH for $48.8. Kadena (KDA) is rising faster today. The KDA is up 45% today and 177% this week. KDA hit a new ATH of $18.4 last night. The LRC has also been very strong this week. LRC’s price is 160% in plus this week, but that’s still 40% lower than ATH’s nearly 4 years ago.

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