December 8, 2022

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LibreOffice is available through the Microsoft Store – Computer – News

I’m especially curious about what you have against the repo for centralized applications

Somewhat off topic under this news, but I have nothing against ansich central store. Steam is basically just a repo only and then specifically for games, for example, ideal as long as every game developer has an alternative if they so desire : s

However, I have a number of practical and principled objections to Microsoft’s specific implementation, which currently outweigh the suitability of a single central location:

– I simply don’t like the interface on the desktop screen (Windows 10), full screen images, low data density, difficulty with navigation (compare the Games tab with Steam) etc.

– Surprisingly enough, the chance of being scammed is much higher via MS Store than with traditional apps. The deception is intentionally bracketed because according to other comments it appears to be legally OK, but that doesn’t make it any less morally objectionable or less confusing to the end user.
Simply search with Google (or Bing, DuckDuckGo ;) ) on well-known free software such as Paint.NET, 7Zip or Audacity: as a result you get only the authors’ site, something like which hosts the same installer for free, or tutorial pages from third parties that just give some advice and often also go back to the original.
Now do the same in MS Store, immediately on page 1, there are also a lot of 3rd party copies that do nothing more than an existing software version of open source software in their own name, mostly for payment or with ads 8) 7 Of course with a completely identical name and logo at first glance. How is the average user supposed to know which is the original builder and which version is precisely maintained/supported?

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– If MS Store really gets serious momentum in the future, I’m afraid MS will make the decision that manually executing exe files becomes impossible by default and you should check a separate Android-style setup (they’ve already tried it with devices that ship in Windows 10/11 S modes by default , and Windows RT in the past). Efficiency means that as a software maker, you are obligated to work through the store or else you will lose 90%+ of your leads. When I look at why Apple or Google sometimes rejects apps, I’m not necessarily waiting for an additional middleman between myself and the software provider, especially if that middleman is the same entity as the operating system itself.

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