November 27, 2022

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Sweeck is de sterkste in de Beekse Bergen.

Bear Lorenz Swiek sprints to win the World Cup for the second time in a row in Pixie Bergen | cyclocross world cup 2022

After Maasmechelen, Laurens Sweeck (Crelan – Fristads) scored again in the World Cup. At the fast track of the Pixie Bergen race, the man in the form of Michael Fanthornhout and Lars van der Haar got off the wheel of the sprint. “I’m almost at the top level,” Swick said. WB leader Eli Esserbitt pulled fifth once again after getting lost at the start.

Esserbitt shoots off the pedal

Eli Eserbet had to chase an almost complete cross on the fast track at the safari park. The WB leader hit the pedal at the start and had to fight for 15th in the early laps.

Laurens Sweeck didn’t miss his debut. He immediately dived into the wheel of Leader Kun, who had to fire the turn on the second lap after slipping into the turn.

For example, Suek and van der Haar have secured behavior. Vanthourenhout and reborn motocross rider Nieuwenhuis were the only riders who could keep up.

After a strong comeback, Iserbyt also wanted to join, but Swick didn’t like it. Accelerate quickly.

Swik supreme in the enemy

On the last lap, Iserbyt was able to join the leaders. Running is no longer possible. The World Cup No. 1 seed finished the New Cross Country World Cup in fifth place.

He saw how Swick was head and shoulders above the rest in the sprint. The Maasmechelen winner started early and continued his fantastic effort until the end.

Van der Haar finished second, ahead of European champions Vanthornhout and Nieuwenhuis.

In the World Cup standings, Soyek is 4 points closer to leader Eserbet. Next week Druvencross in Overijse is on the programme. Usually, Iserbyt has an advantage there.

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Laurens Sweeck: “I’m almost at the top”

Lawrence Swick (Winner): “He was too far at first, but I went and didn’t look back. For a moment I thought Michael Fanthornhout was attacking, so I decided to go for him. I’m gradually improving to my best. 100 percent, I was a little sick last week, but the race works for me.” well “.

Lars van der Haar (second): “Disappointment prevailed anyway. I lost control of the leading group because I couldn’t jump over the bars. It would have been better for me if I didn’t have to deal with Ellie too. The meters I lost in that duel were far from over. Laurens was of course strong Very fast in his sprint, even though I was just as fast.”

Michael Fanthornhout (third): “I know I’m not the best runner, so I tried to make a hole on the last lap. I was good, but it wasn’t good enough. The podium was the highest I could get. I felt so good. Then it’s a shame that the course is so fast that That I can’t make a difference, although I’m happy with the situation.”

Laurens was of course very strong in his sprint, even though I rode just as fast.

Lars van der Haar

Eli Eserbet: “It’s going to be exciting”

β€œIt was a long race for me,” said Eli Eserbet. “It was a bad start and I pedaled. In the woods it was very difficult to get stops.”

“In the end I can be happy with my performance, but the result remains shameful. I had some problems with the rhythm, because I had problems again (back, editor).”

In the ranking, the reward for Iserbyt was reduced: 166 points to 162 for Laurens Sweeck.

“I’m still the leader, but it’s not much more than that. With 9 matches left it will be exciting,” he knows.

  1. 4:15 pm In the World Cup standings, Laurens Sweeck is 4 points behind leader Eli Iserbyt. .
  2. 4 pm 14. Thibaut Nice didn’t have his day. The U23 rider finished 36th. .
  3. 4 p.m. 11. I’m about to ride high. Winner Laurens Swik.
  4. 4 pm 10. Top 10. 1. Soik 2. Van der Haar 3. Vanthornhout 4. Neuwenhuis 5. Iserbet 6. Orts 7. Vandepot 8. Camp 9. Paysteins 10. Adams.
  5. 4 pm 08. Swik rushes towards victory!

    Swik rushes towards victory!

  6. 4pm 07. End: Swix Bergen! Laurens Swik is the best at sprint. He won the Pixie Bergen ahead of Lars van der Haar. .
  7. 4 p.m. 06. Reassembly. Everything comes together in the sand. Fanthornhout leads the Sweek, van der Haar, Iserbet and van der Haar dance. Do you see the enemy? .
  8. It’s 4pm 05. We’re looking forward to a great final! Vanthourenhout With an average sprint, Swik doesn’t give up. .
  9. 4 PM 04. Nieuwenhuis should fold. Iserbyt takes on the role of number 4. .
  10. 4 p.m. 02. The Big Five (7/8 rounds). 1. Soek 2. Vanthornhout 3. Van der Haar – V1″ 4. Nieuwenhuis – 4″ 5. Esserbet.
  11. 01 16 o’clock. The three of us enter the final round. Swik cleverly cuts through the sand, Fanthornhout is even more handsome. European champion biting his prey. The two cut the last round. No, the three of us! The Dutch champion bites the wheel. .
  12. 15 hours 58. Swick quietly turns away: “That’s a great turn, isn’t it.”

    Swick quietly turns away: “That’s a great angle, isn’t it”

  13. 3 p.m. 57. Snapshot from Soik. Brilliant man Laurens Sweeck continues his efforts and moves away from Vanthourenhout, Van der Haar and Nieuwenhuis. The winner of Niel and Maasmechelen leads by 3 seconds. .
  14. 3 p.m. 54. Soyek does not want Eserbet back.

    Suic doesn’t want Iserbet back

  15. 3 pm 54. 2 more rounds. .
  16. Esserbit slider, quick acceleration. Iserbyt makes the connection, but slips away on a turn. He has to chase (something) again. Swik signal for acceleration. . 3 m 53.
  17. Swik switch again. Swick was unhappy with his material and swapped out the bikes again. Before Iserbyt returns directly to the track. . 15 hours 51.
  18. 15:50 That’s going to be a big boost for Isrbet. Robin van Gucht.
  19. 15 hours 49. Iserbyt 5th. Eli Iserbyt comes under pressure and advanced to fifth. The World Cup leader is 11 seconds behind the four leaders. .
  20. 3 p.m. 46. Vanthourenhout and colleagues received intermittent training again. Joris Nieuwenhuis pushes the finish line asphalt again. .
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