December 4, 2022

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Lewis Hamilton en George Russell

George Russell clears 0 for himself and Mercedes in chaotic race, Verstappen 6 in Brazil | Formula 1

After the sprint race, George Russell also won the Brazilian Grand Prix. The Briton displayed Mercedes’ dominance at Interlagos and finished in a fun race against teammate Lewis Hamilton. Good for his first win in his career and his first for his team this season. Max Verstappen had to chase an entire race after colliding with Hamilton. He took sixth place.

Verstappen clashes with Hamilton

In Brazil, Formula 1 fans were able to see the indomitable Mercedes car once again. After yesterday’s 1 and 2 sprint race, even Max Verstappen began to doubt. “At the moment they seem unbeatable,” the world champion said yesterday.

But Verstappen never throws in the towel. After the first safety car (after a collision between Ricciardo and Magnussen) he separated from Hamilton. Verstappen wanted to get second place outside, but he shot himself in the foot.

The two contenders collided and fell again. The damage wasn’t too bad for Hamilton: he was able to continue racing. Verstappen had to fix his Red Bull in the pits and faced a catch-up race. With 5 seconds of hum at the top.

He refuses team orders

So Max Verstappen will not win the race. It also ranked sixth in Brazil.

At the final stage, he was not particularly popular. Teammate Perez allowed him to pass to attack Alonso (fifth) and Leclerc (fourth).

When that failed, Verstappen refused to return sixth place to Perez. The Mexican is still fighting for the vice world title.

“I have my reasons for that. We talked about it,” Verstappen then explained of the onboard radio. The Dutchman will not give up his place voluntarily.

Russell’s first win

George Russell, who did not give up his place. The 24-year-old Briton won his first Formula 1 race (in 81 grands prix). He drove from start to finish in Brazil.

Russell freaked out for a moment. After a new safety car stop, teammate Lewis Hamilton appeared in his mirrors. Mercedes has announced that it can race for the win.

Russell stuck to his ground and single-handedly eliminated a zero for Mercedes in 2022, after winning a warm-up yesterday.

Now Lewis Hamilton. Next week in Abu Dhabi he will have one last chance to win this year’s race. So far, the 7-time world champion has been cheering at least once every season.

(scroll down for post-race comments)

Winner George Russell with a leap of joy.

For the first time since the opening of the race in Bahrain, Red Bull failed to reach the top three. Carlos Sainz Jr (Ferrari) completed the podium at Interlagos.

Russell: “What an incredible feeling!”

George Russell (Winner): “What an incredible feeling, what a rollercoaster this season! I was in control of everything, but Lewis was driving really fast. After the safety car, I thought I was going to have a hard time with it. That’s why I’m so happy to win.”

“I immediately think of my early years in the world of karting. I would like to thank my mum and dad for that, as well as the rest of my family, my girlfriend, my coaches, my manager…I can’t thank you enough.”

Lewis Hamilton (second): “First of all, I would like to congratulate George. He really deserves it! I also want to thank the team. We worked hard for these 1 and 2.” (On the fencing with Max Verstappen): “What can I say? You know how Max does.”

Carlos Sainz Jr. (third): “Overall we had a good race. At first we had some problems with the brakes. So we had to go into the pits early, but then I was able to fully use the throttle.”

You know how Max is.

Lewis Hamilton

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