October 1, 2022

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Belfius Finally Launches Apple Pay, Soon Supports Bancontact |  interior

Belfius Finally Launches Apple Pay, Soon Supports Bancontact | interior

One of the last major banks in our country won. Belfius customers who have an iPhone and/or Apple Watch will finally be able to use Apple Pay. The bank confirms this for the first time to HLN editors.

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You can activate Apple Pay in the Belfius app under the More tab. The job is currently only available for Visa and MasterCard credit cards from the bank. Bancontact and Maestro debit cards will be available “later this year”.

Customers of BNP Paribas Fortis and KBC, among others, have been able to use Apple Pay for several years now. With this, you can easily pay contactlessly in stores using your iPhone or Apple Watch. It is also possible to make online payments using the service. Antwerp and Bonsai eco-payment application It recently made it possible to use Apple Pay regardless of which bank you work for.

Soon Bancontact support

9To5Mac site Discover References to Bancontact is already in beta for iPhone iOS in mid-April. This Belgian payment network is not currently supported by the tech giant, but its arrival has now been confirmed. Belfius claims that it will be the first Belgian bank to also offer Apple Pay on Bancontact.

In our country, Apple Pay payments are now made via Maestro, Mastercard or Visa. As a result, it is not possible to pay with Apple Pay in some Belgian stores. Bancontact Support can help resolve this issue.

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Billion dollar fine from Apple Pay

Meanwhile, Apple has suspended a file Billions fine above the head. The European Commission says the tech giant is abusing its market power by keeping an NFC chip, which makes contactless payment with iPhones possible, in exchange for Apple Pay. On Android phones, the NFC chip can be used in many other ways, for example to check-in on public transport.

Apple responded that Apple Pay is “just an option” with which European consumers can pay. In addition, all banks get the same terms from Apple, so that there is “equal access”. The US company also said it would continue to speak with the commission “to ensure that European consumers can continue to access the payment option of their choice in a secure environment.”

With Apple Pay, the Antwerp Bonsai payment app competes with the main competitor Payconiq

New billion fine to Apple for violating European rules