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Brilliant career change for Jasmijn Van Hoof: ‘I still doubt going back to ‘Family’ | Showbiz

Brilliant career change for Jasmijn Van Hoof: ‘I still doubt going back to ‘Family’ | Showbiz

bit widthFor nine years she played Stephanie in “Familie”, but about a year and a half ago, Jasmijn Van Hoof (31) radically changed her course. I left VTM Soap and embarked on a new career path. “I am now a chocolatier,” says Dag All.

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“It was a rehab when the story stopped for me after nine years in ‘Family’, even if it was at my request.” Those are the words of actress Jasmine Van Hoof, who was last on the set of VTM soaps nearly a year and a half ago. Since then, this was followed by a guest role in “Lisa”, but Jasmine took a completely different path. “I could still go back and find that thought reassuring,” Dag All says. “But I didn’t like having to wait months between two proxy assignments. I knew this would make me nervous.” That is why Jasmijn decided to continue training. “I trained as a chef and can now cook completely professionally.”

However, it is not possible to have your own restaurant right away. “I did some training and I must say that working in catering is really hard. No, I’d rather see myself opening my own coffee shop. At the moment I work as a chocolatier. So a drastic career path shift.” Thus the representation is in the rear at the present time. “I’d rather stay in the shadows now, I need that after all these years in the spotlight,” he continues.

Jasmine van Hoof announced her retirement from ‘the family’ in June 2021. He said at the time: “I have a rebellious side to me and sometimes I find it necessary to question things.”

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Jasmine van Hoof and Garen Raiders © HLN