April 16, 2024

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'Brilliant, Fun, Charming': Adel and Bilal scored a high score through 'Ms. Marvel | TV

‘Brilliant, Fun, Charming’: Adel and Bilal scored a high score through ‘Ms. Marvel | TV

Television“Fantastic, funny and charming.” ‘Ms. Marvel’s new superhero series, in which Adel Elaraby and Bilal Falah were behind the camera, could count on a great deal of sympathy in the American and British press.

The series revolves around Kamala Khan (Iman Vilani), a girl of Pakistani parents who grew up in New Jersey. She’s an ordinary, slightly reckless teenager with a special penchant for the Marvel superhero. A girl, like many of her peers, finds it difficult to find her place. But when, thanks to a magical bracelet from her grandmother, she turns out to have special powers and can call herself a superhero, her world is turned upside down.

Adel and Bilal had to wait to see how the new series would be received, the first two episodes of which can now be watched on Disney+. with ms. After all, Marvel is entering the Marvel stable for the first time. At the moment, how you do this can depend mainly on positive feedback. Britain’s Guardian newspaper describes her as “funny, charming and effortlessly handling all prejudices”. The series has also received praise in the Financial Times, particularly for the way the main character’s background is dealt with. “The fact that she is a devout Muslim and has Pakistani roots is not dismissed as a side effect,” it seems. “The series is as much about her cultural heritage as it is about her fight against evil.”

Although the latter can not count on the applause of all banks. For example, Rolling Stone’s Alan Sepinwall sees the balance tilted slightly in the first two episodes. In the first two episodes, the creators portrayed Kamala, her family, friends, and the local Muslim community so well that her connections to the Marvel superhero universe seem a bit distant. In large parts of the first two episodes, it’s easy for viewers to forget that ‘Ms. Marvel’ is a series of the Super heroes. That’s the best and worst thing I can say about the series.”

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The Independent is particularly excited about the fact that the makers’ culturally diverse backgrounds seep onto the screen. Not only did Adel and Bilal add color to the production crew. ‘Ms. Marvel’ was written by British-Pakistani comedian Bisha K Ali. “Marvel is such an unconstrained business that there’s no doubt about cynical motives in this choice, but it’s refreshing to see creators of South Asian descent spearheading this major project.” Although the question remains of course whether mrs. Marvel will be able to set foot alongside other Marvel superheroes in the future. In Empire Film magazine think so. “‘Mrs. Marvel’ is an immersive and unique addition to the Marvel universe for young and old alike.”

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