April 21, 2024

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Browse with colleagues thanks to Microsoft Edge Workspaces

Browse with colleagues thanks to Microsoft Edge Workspaces

Microsoft launched Edge Workspaces. This solution adds new functionality to the Edge browser, with an emphasis on collaboration. Workspaces should provide teams with a central place with links and files.

At Ignite 2022, Microsoft will launch Edge workspaces. This is the solution that turns Edge browser into a central collaboration tool for teams. Microsoft notes that links and files that colleagues share in channels and chats are often forgotten or blurred. Edge Workspaces is a solution for that.

Browse together

The workspace is a common set of tabs in the Edge browser. This allows groups to view the same websites, but also to work together on the same files. Anyone with access to the workspace can customize the tabs in real time.

Microsoft provides an example with links to interesting sites, but also Sharepoint with related files. According to the company, workspaces not only simplify collaboration but also make the setup process easier. After all, the new team member has enough access to the workspace to be ready right away.

Canvas Contest

Edge workspaces are somewhat similar slack cloth, which was launched by the parent company Salesforce on Dreamforce. Canvas is a shared document to which team members can add links and files. The app is a little different, but both solutions provide a central repository that should be more organized than a collection of files and links in a chat.

It is noticeable that Microsoft Edge is choosing to implement the idea of ​​its own workspaces. After all, the software giant wants to push Teams forward as a centralized collaboration hub and insists on working seamlessly in a single flow. On the other hand, Edge Workspaces can be an interesting app to convince companies to switch to the browser. The solution is immediately available as a preview.

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