June 5, 2023

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BV 24/7. “I am so happy to be a mother”: this is how famous Flanders celebrates Mother’s Day | BV

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“Through good days and bad, my mom is always there,” says the singer. Natalia.

Eve Hansen He commemorates her recently deceased mother Arlette on Mother’s Day. There are mothers who have lost their children. There are children who have never known their mother. And there are people whose mother recently passed away.”

Stijn Heymans, husband Eva Dallman, pays tribute to the former MNM presenter. “Today, an extra dose of love from me for these two women. Especially for the eldest version of these twins. In addition to being an amazing woman, wife, and true entrepreneur, Eva Dailemann is also a very sweet mom to Moon.”

And also Louis Talp Share his “super lady” photo.

Cat Bulls She shared a photo of her twins on Mother’s Day. “Anyone who follows me here knows I don’t think twin motherhood is a walk in the park (unless it’s Jurassic Park), but I’m so happy to be a mom!”

Maureen VanHerbergen Wishing all mothers a Happy Mother’s Day. “Whether you’re a mom to a baby girl like Nell, a cat mom, a mom in her dreams, a loser or a grieving one… We wish you all a warm Mother’s Day.”