July 21, 2024

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By Theo Olthuis: “Space gave its soft wings of sound”

By Theo Olthuis: “Space gave its soft wings of sound”

By Ed Bausch

“I haven't heard from you yet.” Theo is on the line. “Don't worry, you're just in the program.” And then he was patient again, waiting to see where his work could be presented during the “Fietsmuziek” edition. Somewhere outside in the wind, under a shelter, or preferably somewhere inside. Like the time when Kunstgetij Bicycle Music was allowed to use Lucebert's studio or the Karmelklooster church in Egmond aan den Hoef during Kunst10daagse. He was there in his element. Space gave wings to his soft voice. Then he read four times, each time a new greeting to the cyclists. It is this alternation between impatience and compliance, the 'moving on' that characterizes Theo Olthuis, a versatile word player and director. Just like his soft voice, which can still be very decisive. Natural dominance.

Lemon Tree

It is amazing how, as a relative newcomer from Amsterdam (he arrived in 1998), he was able to touch the atmosphere of the different centres. You will find banners with his works in different places, in Ruïnkerk, in Vredeskerkje and other places. Considering he is 82 years old, I have hardly noticed any aging in him over the years, he has been very busy. Teaching theater lessons in schools, always watching and listening. Recitation somewhere. And in the end, there was always, from his living room on the Dorpsstraat, looking at the lemon tree in Petrus en Pauluskerk, the pen, in the form of fingers on the keyboard (at last with him), that gave words to thought. .

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Miriam van Riel has spent some time with him in recent years. Going on trips, to concerts, giving speeches at an exhibition opening, a presentation, or commemorating something. “We met each other as volunteers at the Blue Heron petting zoo in Molenweidtje. He could be very surprised by something. Then he could shout in a childish way that there was something else wrapped in beech nuts. I once made him a giraffe, and he was completely shocked when it broke.” One of her legs We also went dancing and he did gymnastics honestly The funeral was private, and the funeral service at the Met du Bellarine café last Friday was also a happy creation.

Gorgeous and powerful sound

He has almost single-handedly kept an entire genre going, the adage that you send a hint of something in a few lines, out into the world, under the sun or under a cloud cover. Something of a surprise or actually a strong statement. Theo literally directed the stage in various forms. But also with his words that can summarize, guide, put things right, and affirm. This contribution will be sorely missed in the heart of the municipality. It went really well. Suddenly his heart stopped. I'm going, so we won't hear from you anymore, Theo. Kunstgeij will ensure that somewhere under a tree at October's Bike Music this beautiful blues music will appear – Theo's Blues. Theo Olthuis, 1941-2024, from city boy to beautiful 'living along' in a dreamy area. I hope his “Golfslag” collection from 2006 becomes a municipal record.

He recently gave me a card posted by Blunt

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If I want to leave

Sometimes I become a bird

Then I stand on my toes

And I'm flying very far from here

About houses and the forest

Completely free on its own.

Above the pointed mountains

And the deep sea;

If you want, you can come along.

Feel the wind behind your ears

Feel the wind in your hair.

He blows

All thoughts from your head

Otherwise you are too heavy.