September 26, 2022

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Call of Duty Next includes Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer unlock

Infinity Ward just announced Call of Duty Next. This event is set to be the biggest reveal in first person shooter history. On September 15, the developers will explain what fans can expect from Call of Duty in the coming years.

Amid the Call of Duty League tournament scene, Infinity Ward has revealed the arrival of Call of Duty Next. While many fans were hoping to see the first gameplay footage of the multiplayer, they had to content themselves with a “mere” announcement of this upcoming event. However, we as fans of Call of Duty got excited!

#CODNEXT on September 15

Call of Duty Next takes place on September 15th and can be considered a franchise event. The call of duty modern warfare 2 Multiplayer reveals the future Call of Duty: Warzone 2And the Warzone Mobile And live play from streamers and other creators, it all comes together.

It’s also becoming clear that fans can expect a lot more content during this year’s Call of Duty beta. Infinity Ward has already revealed that the beta has more than six game modes versus six base ones. What exactly this means is not clear at the moment.

Infinity Ward has reported tonight that the Marina Bay Grand Prix is ​​one of the maps in Modern Warfare 2. The map setup is a race track and many F1 fans will be delighted. Several creators have already played this map and they are mostly positive. The Marina Bay Grand Prix is ​​available in beta.

Call of Duty Next promises to be a great spectacle for Call of Duty fans. Like all official Call of Duty live streams, #CODNEXT can be followed on YouTube.

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