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Can you actually make unlimited calls with your mobile subscription?  It's the new standard, but how much does it cost?  |  MyGuide

Can you actually make unlimited calls with your mobile subscription? It’s the new standard, but how much does it cost? | MyGuide

mytelcoThe times when you had to pay attention to how many minutes you call each month are as good as they get. Subscriptions with a limited number of calling minutes are the exception rather than the rule. Time to switch to those who haven’t already? Mijntelco.be State what you want to know.

By Felix Ferret, in collaboration with Mijntelco

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If you have a subscription with only limited calling minutes today, there are a number of good reasons to switch to a formula with unlimited calling. The first is, of course, convenience: With unlimited calling minutes, you don’t have to worry about how many calls you can make at the end of the month.

What you get in return also plays a role. Subscriptions with a limited number of calling minutes also contain a little mobile data. For some users, it is of course possible that limited call and data volumes will suffice. But for those who have a limited subscription at the end of the month, it is definitely worth looking into the possible options with unlimited calls.

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Little money and limited return

Today, there are only a few operators that offer mobile subscriptions with a limited number of calling minutes. It mainly concerns young players. Even offers Yvonne For €4 per month, a subscription comes with 200 calling minutes and only 250MB of mobile data. Bee hey! You get 60 calling minutes and 1 GB of data for €7 per month. Edpnet It works a little better, with 400 calling minutes and 2GB data for €8 per month.

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Proximus’s Scarlet and Mobile Vikings also offer limited subscriptions. You get an extra €8 per month scarlet 300 calling minutes and 1 GB cellular data. Bee mobile vikings You actually pay 10 euros per month and you get 150 calling minutes and 1.5GB of mobile data.

Of the major operators, only Orange and Proximus still offer mobile subscriptions with a limited number of calls. Before GO Light From Orange you pay 11 euros per month for 150 minutes and 2 GB of data. Subscription Mobilus S. Proximus offers you 120 calling minutes and 2GB of data for €15.99 per month.

Unlimited with little data

Thus, limited subscriptions cost relatively more for what you get, while in many cases you can enjoy a subscription with unlimited call volume for a small additional amount per month. do you want to Youfone Unlimited CallsAnd then you pay an extra 3 euros. This subscription also contains only 250MB of mobile data. If you want the same subscription, but with 2.5GB of data, you pay 12 euros per month. Bee edpnet You only pay €4 for unlimited calls, even with 2GB of mobile data.

Unlimited with more data

If you want to go a step further right away, with unlimited calls and at the same time more mobile data in your subscription, Youfone offers you another attractive option. Before 13 euros per month You make unlimited calls and get 5GB of mobile data.

Youfone also offers to subscribe with 10 GB of mobile data, for 15 euros per month. Mobile Vikings and edpnet also offer the same formula at the same price. At Scarlet you pay 18€ for it.

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In Proximus you have a subscription for € 26.99 per month, € 11 more than Mobilus S (Mobilus m) with which you can make unlimited calls and also get 10GB of mobile data. In Orange you pay almost twice as much, i.e. 21 euros instead of 11 euros.

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Unlimited with (a lot of) data

If you want to expand your subscription to include unlimited calls and also want plenty of mobile data, then you are definitely doing well with edpnet. For €23 per month, you get 15GB of mobile data. In Orange you get 11 GB for 21 €.

Yvonne It goes even further, with a subscription of 20GB of mobile data and unlimited calls that cost €25 per month. Bee hey! You get up to 40GB of mobile data for the same price.

Of course, things change completely when you add dial-up to a package that also includes other services, such as Internet and TV. Across Compare Mijntelco.be You can find out which formulas with unlimited connection are most interesting to you at the moment.

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