February 21, 2024

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CEO Engy's Big Shift: 'Extension of Nuclear Power Plants?'  Wonderful...

CEO Engy’s Big Shift: ‘Extension of Nuclear Power Plants?’ Wonderful…

Thierry Seigmann, CEO of Engie Electrabel, is very clear: “It’s already too late to expand nuclear power plants.” That’s what Sageman said during De Grote Shift, a series of climate debates by De Standaard. The chief executives of ArcelorMittal, BASF and TotalEnergies are also asking the government for clarification on energy supplies: “Now tell us what we want.”

How can our largest industrial and energy companies save the climate? To answer this question, the CEOs of ArcelorMittal Europe (Geert van Bolford), BASF Antwerp (Jan Remaissen), TotalEnergies Belgium (Jack Bucklers) and Engy Elektrabel (Thierry Sagman) in a debate at De Singel on Wednesday night. Below we list some of the notable moments.

The fourth debate for De Grote Shift will take place tomorrow evening at Handelsbeurs in Ghent. Here You can still get the latest tickets.

When will the industrial giants want to be climate neutral?

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Fact-checker Thomas Wiens: “The standards we set in Europe are often adopted around the world”

The Big Shift is an ambitious starting point for the Glasgow Climate Summit. Five debates in four university cities, with a panel of VIPs and a competitor specializing in the theme of that evening. This will be more than just another round of talks. It’s time for solutions. Read Here All of our articles are about the great transformation.