December 3, 2023

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Charleroi achieves its first win of the season against Kortrijk, and KVK remains winless |  Jupiler Professional League 2023/2024

Charleroi achieves its first win of the season against Kortrijk, and KVK remains winless | Jupiler Professional League 2023/2024

In a match between two back-to-back teams, Charleroi came out on top against Kortrijk. For Charleroi, it was only the first win of the season, and KVK are still waiting for their first hat-trick.

Mpenza is making worthy progress

Both teams were desperate for a first hat-trick. However, only Charleroi seemed to understand the dire situation in which she found herself. From the beginning of the match, the search for the opening goal began. Great opportunities did not materialize.

Only after 25 minutes did Vandenberghe have to make the first save. De Neve clumsily headed the ball into the foot of Elimaharitra, who did not hesitate and fired a shot. As the ball took a deflection, Kortrijk’s goalkeeper had to make a fantastic save.

Suspended: Kortrijk played very poorly and in half an hour he won the award. The stupid loss of the ball led to a perfectly executed attack by Charleroi. Ilimaharitra cleverly sent Mpenza through to take a 1-0 lead at once.

A wake-up call for Kortrijk, who was suddenly able to play football and create chances. She hit the goal line twice but did not cross it.

First, Rugeli blocked a shot from Joao Silva’s header. Then – after a moment of catching from Kofi – Andreu was in the path of Kadri’s shot. The men returned to the end of the first half without an equaliser.

Kortrijk is irresistible

Kortrijk gathered courage from the final attack in the first half and appeared sharper in the second half. We had to wait for opportunities until substitute Davies, aided by the sun, caused problems for Coffey to no avail.

KVK soon returned to the same pattern and allowed Charleroi to go for a 2-0 scoreline. Isaac Mbenza wanted to crown himself king of the match with a second goal, but Vandenberg deprived him of the throne twice.

His deputy, Dan Hemans, also failed to register. However, it was served to him on a platter, but he decided to recklessly indulge in everyone’s disappointments and his own.

Kortrijk’s final attack almost led to an unexpected point, but Coffey showed with a stunning display on Ojo’s shot why he remains the undisputed No.1 against Charleroi.

It gives Charleroi a satisfying first win of the season. The crisis appears to have been averted there for some time. In Kortrijk you will flourish even more today. With 2 out of 24 it remains at the bottom of the rankings.

  1. End at 5:54pm Final score: 1-0. It remains at 1-0. Kortrijk was never able to recover from his first-half deficit leaving them empty-handed once again. It is the first satisfactory three-pointer of the season for Charleroi. .
  2. Second half, 96th minute, the match is over
  3. Second half, minute 95. Charleroi refuses to count Kortrijk. It cannot exploit its numerical superiority in a new counterattack. Heymans’ solo pass in front of goal is very weak. .
  4. Yellow card for Kortrijk’s Massimo Bruno in the second half, in the 93rd minute
  5. Second half, minute 92. Substitution for Charleroi, Adrian Tribble comes on, Marco Ilimaharitra comes off.
  6. Second half, minute 92. Substitution for Charleroi, Youssef Sylla comes on, Adi Dabbagh comes off.
  7. Kofi saves the three points. Kortrijk plays football towards a new finishing attack. Ojo would love to score a late equalizer with a fine shot, but Kofi makes a stunning save from Charleroi Furniture. . Second half, minute 88.
  8. Second half, minute 88. Every attack from Charleroi now causes problems for Kortrijk. Elimaharitra picks for himself, his effort going all the way around the target. .
  9. Yellow card for Charleroi player Stelios Andreou in the second half, minute 87
  10. Second half, minute 84. Here it is! Heymans had a perfect shot, but shot it high. Heymans was frustrated, so were the fans and he knew it. The striker even got into a fight with the home team’s fans. .
  11. Second half, minute 80. Substitution for Charleroi FC, Dan Heymans comes on, Isaac Mbenza comes on.
  12. Second half, minute 80. A sort of substitute applause: Mpenza is allowed to have a rest, and Heymans takes his place. Good news for fans of the 90 Minutes podcast. .
  13. Second half, minute 79. Substitution with Kortrijk on, Massimo Bruno on, Alex Maitin off.
  14. Maybe he should go already. He was a short replacement for Mighten. Quickly indicates that a change must be made. Massimo Bruno is preparing quickly. . Second half, minute 77.
  15. Second half, minute 76. Mbenza falls 2-0. Another smart counter-attack from Charleroi. Elimaharitra clearly sees Mbinza leaving quickly. The winger couldn’t match his insane speed. He hesitates between finishing and delivering, Vandenberg in the right place. .
  16. Second half, minute 73. The substitutes show good faith: After a good move from Mbayo, Alibioso tries from afar. His shot does not pose any danger, but ends above the goal. .
  17. Second half, minute 72. Substitution for Charleroi, Youssef Badji comes on, Parfait Guiajon comes off.
  18. Second half, minute 72. Substitution with Kortrijk coming on, Dylan Mbaio coming on, Moneim El Idrissi coming on.
  19. Second half, minute 72. Substitution with Kortrijk coming on, Ryan Albioso coming on, Dion De Neve coming on.
  20. Second half, minute 71. Following a corner kick, Vandenberg fell to the ground. Charleroi is still scoring, but Borduhoy has already blown the whistle for a foul on Kortrijk’s goalkeeper. .
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