October 4, 2023

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China releases an alternative operating system for computers |  outside

China releases an alternative operating system for computers | outside

The Chinese government has launched its own open source operating system for computers. OpenKylin should be an alternative to the popular American operating systems Windows from Microsoft and MacOS from Apple.

China hopes to secure independence from the United States through the operating system. Windows is currently the most used operating system in China.

Many government branches are already using OpenKylin. Now it is widely available for Chinese computer users. The software is built on Linux, which is an open source operating system where any user can view the source code. Windows and macOS are less transparent in this regard.

Because of the lack of openness of the systems, it is a problem for the Chinese government. At a time of rising tensions between the East Asian country and the United States, China has long wanted to develop its own operating system for security reasons. For example, the Chinese armed forces must use OpenKylin, because it is now considered more secure now that the Chinese government is behind the controls of the operating system.

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