December 1, 2023

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Clay demon Eli Iserbyt keeps Toon Aerts away after excitement at Besançon World Cup Cyclocross 2021

Clay demon Eli Iserbyt keeps Toon Aerts away after excitement at Besançon World Cup Cyclocross 2021

Eli Iserbyt emerged as the winner of the mud scene in Besançon. The World Cup leader had a thrilling duel with Toon Aerts and slid off a slippery slope in the last metres. But the barrel was completely empty in Eretz. Young Dutchman Pim Ronhar was third on the podium.

  • Eli Eserbet: “It was a very tough match. I let Toon do his thing, our tactics were different. He leaned a little when he accelerated. Then he made a mistake and it was the best for him. I got it wrong again. I got to the top I knew it was in. It was tough, it was the crowd. Huge too.”
  • View alerts: “I’m happy with my race. I tried to win and put pressure on Eli Iserbet, but the fall made it impossible. I thought I was better in a few places. I all got into the penultimate lap, but then the fall I had to come back. I got closer to Eli, but it wasn’t There is a way to win. The best went. It was a beautiful fight, and I hope this course stays on the calendar. That fall: We’ll classify that as a “racing accident.”
  1. 4 pm 6. Ronhaar is very third. At some distance, Ron Bemhar finished third in Besançon. Everyone on the team is so happy for young boy Ton Aerts, who just finished second, who is also cheering. .
  2. 4 pm 17.
  3. 4 p.m. 11. Esserbitt wins. After a superb cross, Iserbyt held out for Aerts to claim his fourth World Cup win of the season. .
  4. Val Esserbit. Iserbyt does not hit the top of the slash. He slides down the last hill of the day, but Aertes is no longer touching the wheel. . 4 m 10.
  5. It’s 4 pm 09. Now it has already happened. Paul Higgers on Play Sports.
  6. 4 p.m. 09. Victory looks in. On a steep climb, Iserbyt flies smoothly. It looks like victory for the man of the season. .
  7. 16.08 Esprit continues to put ARTS under pressure. The gap is widening. .
  8. 16 h 06. Iserbet is now driving a little further. We are approaching the last part of the path. .
  9. 4 pm 05. In the difficult part after the long staircase, Eserbet is standing strong. Is he on his way to his fourth WB win? .
  10. 4 pm. Aerts remain. Aerts have to get off the pedals for a while and get stuck at the ad banners. Iserbyt drives a little further. .
  11. 4:00 PM 03. French fans shout Aertes towards the rear wheel of Iserbet. There is another duel coming. .
  12. 4 p.m. 02. Esserbit is flying over the rails, but Arte is also running smoothly. It is expected to be an exciting final round. .
  13. The final round. With a 4 second lead, Iserbyt dives into the final round. Erez has it in his sights. . 4 p.m. 01.
  14. 16 hours. It sure isn’t over yet. Aerez is getting a little closer again. .
  15. 15 hours 59. Iserbyt takes over significantly. The WB leader suddenly advanced five seconds. .
  16. 15 hours 59. Slipper Aerts. The roles are suddenly reversed after the slipper from Aerts. Iserbyt goes to the head. .
  17. 15 S 59. Drama in the Lock! Artes falls to the ground and almost deals with Eserbet.

    Drama at last! Artes falls to the ground and almost deals with Iserbet

  18. 15 hours 57. Indeed, Esserbit finds his second breath. Arts are not over with the World Cup leader yet. .
  19. 3 p.m. 56. It happened, I think. Paul Higgers on Play Sports.
  20. 15 hours 56. On the stairs, Aertes takes advantage of his tall stilts. Iserbyt gives up a few meters. .
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