June 21, 2024

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COMBINING A MINI SKIRT AND A FOOTBALL SHIRT: “Blocket” is the amazing new fashion trend |  Nina

COMBINING A MINI SKIRT AND A FOOTBALL SHIRT: “Blocket” is the amazing new fashion trend | Nina

Football jersey with a short skirt or high heeled track pants. Anyone who dares to take the latest trends in the fashion world mixes menswear and womenswear. It’s called “Blokette” and it’s been a huge hit on social media. Fashion Editor David Defrinkt talks about the trend: “It makes sense, in the wake of #metoo.”

Fashion daredevils from around the world unite: Fashion magazines set the fashion trend for 2023 and it’s grown – elsewhere – on popular video app TikTok. Blokette’ collectsblockcore ‘, In other words Classic menswear like soccer jerseys, baggy jeans, ultra-feminine sneakers, magnetic bows, ruffles and pastel colours. For example, consider the combination of a tough soccer player with Paris Hilton.

Meanwhile, the hashtag # Blockcore Already over 20 million views on TikTok. From famous stars like Bella Hadid to “normal” guys, everyone is playing with gender and clothes these days.

Bella Hadid icon, block style. © Getty Images

It is a middle finger of macho culture

“Thanks to fashion icons like Bella Hadid, activewear has always been popular with young adults. Think typical white sneakers, crop tops and baggy jeans,” says fashion guru David Deffriendt. “Plus, since the advent of second-hand shopping has been unsurprising for some time. For women to wear men’s clothes.”

what prevent What makes it innovative is that it has a clear message behind it. David: “Blockett It is mainly about a field of tension between two worlds. In the wake of #Me too And other examples of transgressive behavior, women want to assert their equality more than ever. By dressing as men, they are raising their middle finger to the culture of manhood.”

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More importantly, the trend is not gender-specific. The guys also support Plockett’s message And they add feminine accessories to their outfits. This trend is inclusive and thus blurs the boundaries between men and women,” says David.

This is how you wear yourself a blocket

“Everyone can wear this trend,” says David. “Both women and men, of all heights and sizes. Fashion is still primarily about what you think is beautiful and what you want to radiate.” For those eager to experiment with the look, our fashion expert offers three top tips.

1. Find used sportswear

in thrift stores You will find a lot of football jerseys and jogging suits. They make the perfect masculine foundation for your cocktaillook.

2. Choose a combination of loose and skinny clothing

very loose The clothes are not pretty. Therefore, always choose a fitted blouse with loose-fitting pants or vice versa.

3. DIY with ribbons, ruffles and bows

To make your look more feminine, add some ribbons or ruffles. Braiding your hair and adding bows is also an absolute must for this style.

Still need inspiration? You can find a lot of examples on social media.

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