December 8, 2023

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Confusing horseshoes, a bumpy egg hunt and two excuses: this was the third episode of ‘De mol’

Confusing horseshoes, a bumpy egg hunt and two excuses: this was the third episode of ‘De mol’

The candidates had to go looking for eggs while wearing bright pink suits© Play4

A rodeo with confusing horseshoes, an egg hunt full of mole tricks and the mystery of Hotel Room 110. The makers of “De mole” once again showed their more creative side during the missions of Episode III. But the biggest surprise came during the night before the elimination test, when the candidates could compete for a lot of money and two exemptions.

Sophie van Granderbeek

The episode begins with a delicious breakfast and eight mysterious red eggs, which the candidates must keep well. These eggs are not related to the first experiment yet.

You must tie six “show animals” to the rodeo arena’s horseshoes and get them out of the arena. Each horseshoe bears the name of the knight or his noble steed. If they can line them up correctly, without being caught by the cowboy skater with a lasso, they win money. If caught, they are out of the game. Three anonymous colored horseshoes can bring in 1,000 euros. Groomsmen Liselotte and Robin can reveal the identity of those horseshoes, but the connection between the two candidates goes wrong. Of the 5,000 euros, 1,400 euros will be disbursed at the end.

The next day immediately begins with a relapse for Lancelot and Connie, as their red eggs are broken. However, they needed those eggs to go on an egg hunt. Cost price: 500 euros. But don’t worry, as they can earn money from each egg collected, although all eggs must remain intact, especially the red ones. The candidates wear pink suits, and try to collect their eggs. However, riding with the jeep after the missions leads to a significant loss of eggs. In the end, the group earns €290, an amount not enough to replace Lancelot and Connie’s broken eggs.

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A damper on the atmosphere, which is getting tense at their motel. The candidates split into pairs to sleep, but it soon becomes apparent that it will be a short night. Singles will have the chance to enter the mysterious Room 101, where money and an extra thing will be waiting for them. By clicking on the red button, you block the access of other binaries. Soon, the duo eagerly starts pressing the button. After pushing 100 times, it turned out that the duo who pressed the least would be allowed to leave the room. the lucky ones? Toss and Lieselotte. In Room 101 he presents them with three options. Either they take two exemptions and earn no money, or they take no exceptions and earn €2,000, or they choose one exemption that earns them €5,000. After much hesitation, the duo chooses to take no exceptions.

So there is no advantage for Toos and Lieselot. Although they didn’t need that excuse either, because at the end of the episode we have to say goodbye to emotional Connie (58). Final standings for the group pot after three episodes: €9,520.

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