January 31, 2023

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Corona: the increase in numbers is slowing |  Focus and WTV

Corona numbers: more than 600 patients are in intensive care

Corona numbers: more than 600 patients are in intensive care

On Friday, 603 people with corona entered intensive care in Belgium hospitals. The day before, there were still 578 COVID-19 patients in intensive care. So the increase is still going. In the Week from 13 to 19 November On average, 268.3 people are hospitalized daily with MERS infection. This is 29 percent more than last week.

There are now 2,957 coronavirus patients in Belgian hospitals, 90 more in one day. Also, the number of corona infections is still increasing.

An average of 85,109 tests were administered during that period, of which 14.4 percent turned out to be positive. Additionally, in the week of November 10-16, an average of 30.9 people per day died after contracting the coronavirus. This is also an increase (+29 percent). The total death toll in Belgium since the beginning of the epidemic has reached 26,600.

Six West Flemish municipalities in the top 10 national municipalities

If you take into account the population, these municipalities score proportionally last 14 days Worst: Ardooie (3,836/100,000 inhabitants), Hooglede (3,214/100,000 inhabitants), Deerlijk (3,029/100,000 inhabitants), Wingene (2905/100,000 inhabitants), Koekelare (2905/ 100,000 inhabitants) and Ruiselede (2,882/100,000 inhabitants).

If we look at the entire country, Ardooie is in first place, Hooglede is in second place, and Deerlijk is in fourth place. Wingene ranks 5, Koekelare 6 and Ruiselede 8. Six West Flemish municipalities are therefore in the national top 10 of the worst scoring municipalities. Pittem, Houthulst, and Dentergem are in positions 11, 12 and 13 nationally.

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