March 31, 2023

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Dan Karate on alcoholism: 'My life became unbearable until I hit rock bottom'

Dan Karate on alcoholism: ‘My life became unbearable until I hit rock bottom’

Talented Dan Karate from Belgium said via Instagram that he is an alcoholic and is looking for help to get rid of his addiction. © Belgium’s Got Talent

Dan Carati (45), known as a former jury member Belgium talent in a If you think you can danceHe suffered from alcoholism for the past 25 years. The American choreographer himself wrote this on his Instagram profile. “I don’t want to hide anymore. I finally got the help my family and I needed.”

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“Hi, my name is Dan and I am an alcoholic,” Karate began his Instagram message. “For years, I lied to myself, my friends, and my family. I refused to help because I was too proud, too embarrassed and too scared. But now I don’t want to hide it anymore.”

“Untreated anxiety and alcoholism are issues that many of us have struggled with alone for far too long. My life became unbearable, until I hit the bottom. I finally got the help my family and I needed. Now I’m living my life now, day in and day out, and I’m grateful for all Naomi.”

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Karati went to a sanatorium to deal with his problems. Qarati was seen on Instagram with Dutch actress and singer Chantal Janzen, 42, who told her his story in her magazine. & C . Magazine. “Thank you to my friend Chantal Janzen for helping me start sharing my story. I hope that by opening up about my process, I can help someone who is struggling there.”

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Karate went through a difficult time. In the midst of the first wave of corona, he developed a serious eye infection, after which he slipped into depression. “I became depressed, entered a very dark period and found myself in a dark place. This struggle with myself was heavy. I discovered that the line between work and private life was becoming increasingly blurred, which ultimately affected my family.” Spread.

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