February 6, 2023

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'I'm Dan Karate and I'm an alcoholic': Former 'Belgium's Got Talent' jury member is honest about addiction

‘I’m Dan Karate and I’m an alcoholic’: Former ‘Belgium’s Got Talent’ jury member is honest about addiction

Dan Karate revealed on his social media that he is an alcoholic. For many years I lied to myself, my friends, and my family. I avoided helping because I was too proud, ashamed, and afraid. Now I’m tired of hiding.”

The American choreographer and TV personality wrote a message on his Facebook and Instagram page in which he talked about his struggle against his alcoholism. “Anxiety and untreated alcoholism are things that many people struggle with on their own. My life became unbearable, until I hit the bottom. Finally, I sought the help my family and I needed. Now I live in the present, taking each day as it comes and being grateful for all my blessings.” “. Karate wants to be open and transparent from now on and hopes his story will help others in the same situation.

The choreographer had a hard time. In the midst of the first wave of corona, he developed a serious eye infection, after which he slipped into depression. “I became depressed, entered a very dark period and found myself in a dark place. This struggle with myself was heavy. I discovered that the line between work and private life became increasingly blurred, which ultimately affected my family.”

Dan Karate became known to us as a member of the jury in If you think you can dance. Later he was also a member of a jury Dansdate And from belgian talent. He was replaced in the final season of the talent show.

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