April 1, 2023

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Desperate woman asks Twitter for help with viral post: "How do I separate these two pots?"  † The best thing on the web

Desperate woman asks Twitter for help with viral post: “How do I separate these two pots?” † The best thing on the web

A few days ago, Twitter user Chi Nguyen encountered a very specific problem. The woman had put two bowls together while washing the dishes, but the smaller bowl was stuck in the larger bowl. After two days of trying, Nguyen still couldn’t take apart the crockery and launched a call on Twitter. “Twitter, I need your help. How can I get this little bowl out of the big bowl without breaking them?” said the woman.

Nguyen’s message quickly went viral. At the time of writing, the tweet has already had over 117,000 likes. In some sub-tweets, the woman lets you know what she’s already tried. “Hot soapy water, oil around the edges, microwave, shake the bowls vigorously, hold them under the water, turn them upside down, try to turn the inner bowls, tap the outer bowl, insert cards, toothpicks, and straws,” writes Nguyen, among other things.

Despite many attempts, Nguyen, who describes herself in her profile as an artist from New York, tells us the bowls are still stuck.

The message sparked a wave of reactions. “Do you know those tools that remove scratches from cars? Sounds like sticking? Or what high-tech criminals use to scrape off the glass they just cut? You need that,” said one user. “Without pressing too hard, grab the outer bowl by the rim. Grab the inner bowl using something like a jar opener and squeeze it gently. Then turn in the opposite direction,” said another.

Hair dryer, paper and electric toothbrush

So far nothing has been done and the list of things Nguyen has tried goes on and on. “Hair dryer, put the bowls in the freezer first, warm water on the outside bowl and cold water with ice in the inside bowl.” The woman said she soaked the bowls in water all night, but that didn’t cause any movement either. Nguyen also used wire, paper, an electric toothbrush, and a plunger, but with little success. “No easy way to say this, but there is also a piece from the smallest bowl now,” the woman wrote on Twitter nine hours ago.

Several Twitter users saw the hilarity of the situation. One user joked, “Tell pot the other wants to marry him, eventually they’ll grow apart.” Another laughed: “Turn them off, wait 30 seconds, then turn them back on.”

According to many internet sources, it is really smart to use oil or cooking spray to loosen two stuck pots. It is also recommended to use hot water and ice. But in Nguyen’s case, these two methods did not provide a solution. It remains to be seen if the women will see their two bowls separated from each other.

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