July 23, 2024

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Diablo Immortal Appears in the App Store for iOS and iPadOS – Games – News

Personally, I am strongly against microtransactions from an ethical point of view because microtransactions are not just another way of generating income, but they often target addictive people.

Games cost money, you either pay up front or pay well anywhere. This can work well in some cases, I’ve always been positive about something like League of Legends. Is it perfect? No, but in general people do not go very far on this. People who spend money often buy a skin for the hero they love to play, and that’s okay.

However, there are a lot of issues whether it’s about locking up the strongest characters/items etc behind large amounts of money, special items to get rounds etc. It mainly affects people who are prone to addiction, people start spending, and then don’t stop there quickly.

I suspect that’s the case here too, and people are going to pay ridiculous amounts to get to the top.

All that said, as a f2p player I see a lot of positive things in this, because I don’t care how fast I can progress. Diablo is a game about repeating and smashing hordes of monsters. Are you less powerful like F2P? Totally fine, you are playing at a lower level.

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