December 6, 2023

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Diehl, Ghent’s most famous transvestite, died: ‘He didn’t want to live with machines’ |  She sang

Diehl, Ghent’s most famous transvestite, died: ‘He didn’t want to live with machines’ | She sang

René de Schipper (72), known, notorious and beloved in Ghent as Dale, has died. Dale suffered a heart attack while driving his car last Friday. Help took too long to arrive, and the brain damage was too extensive. Doctors and family held out hope for days, but it was no longer there.

Dale passed away today (Wednesday) peacefully before six o’clock in the evening, in the presence of his family. Rene de Schipper suffered a cardiac arrest in his car at the highway exit. His car stopped and there was no accident. Dale did not suffer any physical injuries, but was without oxygen for 20 minutes before emergency services could begin resuscitation. “If someone had stopped and helped or tried to revive themselves, it might have been a different story,” says Ingrid, Dale’s cousin. “But now there was no hope.”

leave it

Dill was placed in an artificial coma. Since Saturday, they have tried to wake him up again, but that is no longer possible. He added: “In recent days, doctors conducted all possible tests, but the situation was hopeless, as it turned out later. With support, Dale was still breathing, his heart was still beating, but there was no brain response. He didn’t want to live on machines, which is why we and the medical team decided together to let Dale go.

With Dill, nothing more or less than the code disappears. He put transgenderism on the map in Ghent and beyond. A roar of laughter rang out through the streets of Ghent, and he was never ashamed of any action. With his great noise he hid his golden heart. Dale wasn’t the easiest guy. He had it for someone, and that was the one com.loetseor he didn’t have it for someone, then that was one Kale. There wasn’t much space between them. Dale wore his heart on his sleeve.

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He smiles

The fact that people had already posted about Dale’s death on social media in recent days when that was not the case has hit the family hard. Artist friend Stefan de Winter responded, saying: “Typical Daily, to shake our feet at the end. I can hear him laughing all the way here.” It was that laughing Dale, who actually liked to shake everyone’s feet, that Ghent will miss dearly.

The family thanks everyone for the tremendous expressions of support in recent days, and also thanks the medical team at Ghent University Hospital, where every effort was made to save Dale.