May 28, 2024

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Director Elke Frewin leaves Passa Porta on anniversary: ​​”It's time to pass the torch”

Director Elke Frewin leaves Passa Porta on anniversary: ​​”It's time to pass the torch”

The House of Literature includes a library, a biennial festival, and writer residencies. On 2 March 2004, the symbolic first stone was laid on Dansaertstraat.

In celebration of its 20th anniversary, new activities will be organized every month until November, in addition to the usual programmes.

For example, the 2021 Nobel Prize in Literature laureate, Abdel Razzaq Qorna, will visit us on April 8. Tanzanian writer among others heaven And By the sea He was actually a guest in Brussels in the early years of Passa Porta, when he was still relatively unknown. “His arrival should be one of the highlights of the anniversary,” says Frewin.

It also immediately highlights the House's literary work and its ambition to discover new talent as well as welcome established greats.

Writing residences

House of Literature is fully committed to developing talent behind the scenes. “We offer young and experienced writers time and space at our writing residencies,” says Frewin. “These have also been great experiences to see new talent at work.”

Finally, Deputy Director Adrienne Nézet will also step down after nine years. She will work for The Shift, a Belgian sustainability movement. Nizet now has a successor: Astrid van Impe, former director of Théâtre Le 140. The board is now looking for a new general director to succeed Froyen.

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