November 30, 2022

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Lanzarote is the location of the "Mole" 2022

Lanzarote is the location of the “Mole” 2022

Cunning viewers have already noticed. Just before “Dancing With the Stars” premiered, the first video testing the new spring of Play4 came out in a nutshell. Gilles de Coster, who has landed in a position with a parachute, can also be seen. The coordinates also appear below: the location of the upcoming season of ‘De mol’. Those are the Canary Islands.

It was broadcaster Gil de Coster who announced the news himself with a photo on Instagram. He also wrote “decimal” or “tenth” in reference to the season of the mole He is already the tenth. The popular game show is headed to Lanzarote.

The video showed, among other things, a top view of the archipelago. The coordinates of the location were also in the lower left corner, after which the viewer learned via a small search on the Internet that it was about the Spanish Islands. That’s how it stays the mole For the third year in a row in Europe. Last year, a group of adventurers went to Germany. In 2020 they had Greece as their base.

“This will be our tenth flight,” says Gilles de Coster. “An anniversary to be celebrated. That’s why we have different pitches this year as we’re moving to an island along the Canary Islands. A piece of Spain’s paradise along the west African coast. The islands are guaranteed sunshine and are in the heart of the many Flemish people who want to go on vacation there. However, they will also discover a whole new world.

Lanzarote is the beginning of their journey. But it is not the final destination. It will be a journey of discovery with a different world that opens up to us each time. My mouth regularly opened here at natural beauty, volcanic landscapes, and mysterious interiors filled with stunning panoramic views. This was an incredible discovery.

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since then the mole They returned to our screen at Play4 in 2016, and the producers have also traveled to Argentina, South Africa, Mexico and Vietnam.

As usual, the new season of “De Mol” will be broadcast this spring. Exactly when will that be announced later.