December 5, 2023

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Do you have your own garage or carport?  Then you pay a much lower insurance premium  My guide

Do you have your own garage or carport? Then you pay a much lower insurance premium My guide

independentSome insurance companies ask you to indicate whether or not you have your own garage in your home. Why is he like that? Does the fact that you have to park your car on the street cause your insurance premium to go up? independentbender.b Discover.

Impact from garage or carport

Let’s get straight to the point: The fact that you can store your car in a garage or under a carport actually has consequences for your insurance premium. At least: if you have “comprehensive” or “mini-comprehensive” insurance, which also compensates for your damage (or part of it).

If you have your own garage or carport, some insurance companies will give you a discount of up to 15 percent on theft, forces of nature, animals and glass breakage covers. A discount that someone who parks his car on the street does not get.

There are no consequences to BA insurance, as your damages will in no way be compensated if you are at fault.

Bachelor’s degree, mini umnium or full umnium: This way you can choose the right insurance for your car at any time.

The influence of where you live

What is more important to your insurance premium is the municipality or city in which you live. After all, where you live has an important impact on the amount of your car insurance premium. Anyone living in the city is guaranteed to pay more. This is because the risk of accidents is greater, because it is busier. The risk of vandalism also increases – naturally.

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Although it ultimately depends on where exactly you live in our country. For example, in Brussels you will pay a higher insurance premium than you have in a generation, as crime figures, and therefore the risk of car theft, vary greatly from one region to another.

The border municipalities, Brussels, Liège and the surrounding area pose a greater risk of car theft. If you live in such an increased risk municipality, you will usually pay a higher premium.

Reading advice. What is more beneficial: getting insurance with one insurance company or different insurance companies?

What are the other factors?

The amount of your car insurance premium also depends on, among other things, your car’s list price, power (HP/kW), no-claim years and mileage. The higher the list value and the higher the stock value, the more you pay. Makes sense, because that high speed increases the risk of accidents. And if you have a more expensive car, the likelihood that it will be more expensive to repair also increases.

Finally, the “age” aspect plays a major role in calculating your premium. A slightly older driver has much more driving experience than someone who has just obtained a driver’s license. Such a driver can assess risks better and is therefore less likely to have an accident than someone in their twenties.

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