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Do you want to completely redesign your living room for 1000 euros?  Possible: “Start organizing the room” |  My guide

Do you want to completely redesign your living room for 1000 euros? Possible: “Start organizing the room” | My guide

LiviusIs it possible to improve your living room with a budget of only 1000 euros? Livios construction site I asked interior designer Anneke Crauwels for advice. She gives her best tips, which you can start right away.

Weatherproof plan

Furnishing a living room for only 1000 euros? Is this possible even with such a limited budget for a large space that you typically spend a few hours in every day? Interior designer Anneke Crauwels: “It is indeed a challenge to start your living room with only 1,000 euros. But this should not deter you. Do it, dare, and above all… act! It will be primarily a matter of deciding The right choices. But everything depends on a business plan and budget overview. “Whether you have €1,000 or €100,000, a good plan is essential for any project. This is the only way you can work in a purposeful and focused manner.

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Interior designer Anneke Croyles. © Dorothy DuBois of The Fresh Light / Lenzer • Extreme Home Makeover Flanders

Organize your living room

According to Anke, anyone who wants to renovate their living room should beware of a number of pitfalls. “Dare to take a critical look at your current living room and start organizing the space. This can also save you some money. But it mainly provides a good overview, so that it is clear what you still need. Make a list of these things and don't Get distracted while shopping. With small budgets, you shouldn't be too eager to fill your shopping cart. Keep your budget in mind and don't take more than you initially listed. In addition, the living room is a very large space. So dare to think big So choose one large, attention-grabbing item instead of five small ones. Think larger As for decor, stick to the basics.”

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Create a mood board

Anyone who wants to tackle their own interior design will find plenty of inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram in interior design magazines. Listing what you like is certainly not an unnecessary luxury. What's more, Anneke recommends defining your own style this way. “Never start a radical makeover, act like a real interior designer and create a mood board. This way you will quickly get a feel for the direction you want to take and which trends you want to jump on or not.

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However, there are many possible trends: whether you have a rustic living room or a living space with an elegant design. In addition, color specialists and interior brands are launching many trends. But what do you do with that? “It all depends on what you find important. Royal blue is currently the trend, but if this color does not suit your personal style, then you should not incorporate this trend into your interior design. Just stay close to yourself and your own style. It will remain timeless “

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    Linzer • Extreme Home Makeover Flanders
© Linzer • Extreme Home Makeover Flanders

Keep planning

The cheapest way to redesign your living room is to change the layout. Because it doesn't cost anything, right? According to Anneke, it's best to stay away from the design of your living room. “Sockets, TV connections, lighting… The design of your living room depends on these points. You can't just change that. So it's better to keep the existing design. For example, you can put one chair in a different place or move a cabinet. But it's better Leave out larger items.”

I think indoor safety is essential, so it's definitely worth incorporating a personal item into your living room

Anneke Croyles, interior designer

Paint or wallpaper on the wall?

Painting or wallpapering your living room from scratch is relatively expensive. Especially if your budget is only 1000 euros. “If you want to change the look of your living room every season, I wouldn't start painting all the walls. If your style is fairly stable, you can consider painting. When I look at the trend, I mainly follow fashion colors when coloring interiors . peachPastels, royal blue, red and sunny yellow are the colors I love to play with currently. So why not paint your ceiling a soft color peach Or pastel blue? With a ceiling in a different color, you can change the look of your living room in an instant. Be sure to check the sales corner at your paint store. You will always find beautiful colors there, even though they may not be trendy at the moment.

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Want to give your ceiling a new color? This is how you achieve the highest results.

• Ammonia for degreasing: €3.50 (1 litre)
• P60 sandpaper: €5.70 (3 pieces)
• P150 sandpaper: €2.50 (3 pieces)
• Primer for wood: 40 euros (2.5 litres)
• Multi-laminate primer: €25 (750 ml)
• Lacquer paint: 52 euros (2.5 liters of off-white), price depends on color and quantity

New furniture or pimping?

New furniture instantly takes up a big chunk of your budget. “I will always keep the chair, but you can cover it with a different fabric or choose new cushion covers. You can paint over your existing wooden dresser or coffee table or you can choose to just dip the legs in paint. Or go for the drip effect, where you pour a pot of paint onto a piece of furniture. This is “It creates a fun and unique result.”

But you can also find a beautiful single bench or other piece of furniture at flea markets, a thrift store, or in your parents' (grandparents') attic. “Who knows, you might get something beautiful that catches the eye from the attic and also has great sentimental value. This way you can bring a special piece and feel into your home, completely free of charge. I think indoor safety is essential, so it's definitely worth incorporating a personal item into your living room.” Your own.

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• Furniture fabric: between 27 euros and 150 euros per metre
• Cushion cover: starting from 3 euros

Decoration for your living room

Complete your space with new accessories. “Rechargeable lights are a must. You can place them where you want and they will quickly create extra atmosphere. A beautiful large vase always works well. The advantage is that you can adjust the content depending on the season. Think branches with red lights in winter and wildflowers in “Summer. With one piece you can renew your living room in every season.”

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“Candles also create an absolute atmosphere and add value to your living room. Or place a portable lamp on your coffee table with an open book next to the coffee table. If you want to add a rug, choose a round rug. You can easily add this to the room, on The opposite of rectangular. A rectangular rug is nice, of course, but it's better to follow the lines of your sofa. And then you need a large rug, with an accompanying price tag.

    Linzer • Extreme Home Makeover Flanders
© Linzer • Extreme Home Makeover Flanders

• Rechargeable table lamp: starting from 20 euros
• Large vase: starting from 30 euros
• Decorative flowers: starting from 7 euros
• Candle: from 1 euro
• Round rug: from €50 (130cm)

The effect of houseplants

It's not cheap, but the plant can really brighten up your living room. “Choose one large, high copy instead of 20 small ones. The tobacco plant or the banana plant are species with beautiful large leaves. They will immediately expand the space and decorate it. This way you can create layers in your interior. As for the pot, you do not have to spend Hundreds of Euros. For example, wicker plant bags are very nice and don't cost much.

Stylish, but not boring? With these tips you can create a lively interior design.

• Tobacco plant (Ficus Lyrata): from 45 euros (120 cm)
• Banana plant (Musa): from 45 euros (85 cm)
• Wicker plant bag: from €25 (24cm)

*The prices mentioned in this article are purely indicative.

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