May 24, 2024

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Huisarts Rutger Verhoeff

“Doctor, now I’m here,” GP Rutger Verhoeff is honest in his new book

General Practitioner Rutger Verhof © Knot Steenkamp

ARNHEM – Arnhem born Rutger Verhoeff is publishing his fifth book today: “Doctor, Now and Here I am.” In the book, the acting general practitioner provides insight into what he has experienced in various practices over the past ten years.

“It’s a journey through time, with emotional, light, and sometimes funny stories,” Verhoef describes. According to GP, the book shows an evolution in the profession. “There are stories about the growing role of the GP in critical care and of course the impact of the coronavirus on the patient and the doctor.”

Fantastic plastic

The book is narratively written and provides insight into the profession of a GP and how a GP thinks and acts. “We also hate those 10 minutes of every complaint and you can see that in the book,” he says.

The profession has changed over the years. According to Verhoeff, the population is aging, but more medications are also being prescribed than in the past. Sometimes people want a pill very quickly and we offer that more. “But there’s also more cool plastic,” which is something from this time, according to the doctor.

“Now I dare to be vulnerable”

Verhoeff criticizes his previous book about his work as an acting general practitioner: “At that time I received the comment that with this book ‘things went well with GP Verhoeff.’ But that is not the case in this book. Now I dare to be weak.

Verhoeff explains that the end of the book contains an epilogue with reflections. “I can explain in it how can I explain it next time. For example, there was a lady with anxiety and panic. I asked her if she had been bullied in the past, because I had been bullied in the past. Then as a doctor you suddenly told yourself that I had not I dared to do it before, but now I know that you can be an example for someone.”

No book show, program is still busy

Acting General Practitioner Verhoff did not think viewing the book was appropriate in the time of Corona. Plus, he makes it clear that you have to make sure that the press gravitates toward her. “Otherwise it’s more for family and friends. Very nice, but then I’d rather go to Koffietijd after four books.”

This morning visits Verhoeff coffee time Does it exist? Radio 2. Media visits dominate the rest of the week as well, for example in 100% NL can be heard Radio 1.

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