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Does WhatsApp take up a lot of space on your phone?  Then try this trick

Does WhatsApp take up a lot of space on your phone? Then try this trick

There are a number of smartphone-specific apps that can take up quite a bit of space. 1 of them are WhatsApp. By using this trick, you make sure that this messaging service does not consume all your storage space in the future.

a lot of space

You can save all the photos, videos, and other media you receive via WhatsApp to your own phone, but WhatApp also saves everything again. This can be really useful if you are looking for a single video or a single photo, but it also takes up quite a lot of space on your phone.

Manage your storage

To avoid this, you can change your settings in WhatsApp. Click on Settings in the app itself, then go to Storage and Data. Settings can be found on the bottom right of iPhones and under the three dots on the top right of Android phones. Under “Storage and data” you will find the heading “Automatically save media”. So if you enable this, your phone will save everything twice. By turning this off, you can decide for yourself what to download or not.

On the iPhone, the clip where you can turn off automatic download looks like this.

Delete large files

Even if you want to keep downloading files automatically, you can do something about the size of WhatsApp on your phone. For example, under Storage and Data, you can click Manage Storage. Here you can immediately see the downloaded files are the largest. These are usually somewhat longer videos. Deleting a number of videos actually saves you a lot of space.

space management

The screen that you get on the iPhone as soon as you click on Manage Storage. Large files are listed under the “greater than 5 MB” heading. Below you will see the storage space for each chat.

You can then also view videos or photos that have been saved for each conversation. By sifting through these folders, you can also create some extra space.

video calls

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