June 5, 2023

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Dreamhood Dance Grooves – RTV Focus Radio Program

On the Dreamhood Dance Grooves Radio Show, vlogger, producer, and singer Luke Dreamhood takes listeners on a musical adventure into the scene of the latest dance releases. Here and there Dreamhood takes on a few challenges and often surprises in pop, house, ecstasy and techno. Luke also sometimes likes to give room for their signature dance-themed covers.

The Dreamhood Dance Grooves radio show of Spotify playlists that Dreamhood creates weekly grew out of the need to be inspired by the latest tracks. With the intention of increasing his knowledge of contemporary styles of music and the ability to apply the techniques used in his works.

Luke Dreamhood has started a project in which he is trying to realize his youth room, producing and releasing music in a period of five years. He talks about the process daily on his English language vlog “Luke’s Dreamworld” on YouTube and TikTok. This includes his progress, his knowledge, his shortcomings, his motives and above all the habits with which he adapts to achieve his goals. His interest in the latest developments in neuropsychology is a great source of inspiration and support.

However, the main principles of Dreamhood Dance Grooves are to spread a positive sound and radiate a relaxed atmosphere that can attract a wide spectrum of listeners and encourage movement. Luke Dreamhood intentionally uses unknown paths that stimulate curiosity to take the listener on an exciting journey of discovery.

Every Thursday from 9 pm to midnight
Every Saturday from 10 pm to midnight
Presentation: Luke’s Dreamhood