April 15, 2024

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"Dunes", one of the films that is supposed to help cinema in 2021, is a huge movie like you rarely see ★★★★ ☆

“Dunes”, one of the films that is supposed to help cinema in 2021, is a huge movie like you rarely see ★★★★ ☆

Is Denis Villeneuve the best blockbuster director in the world? The answer is yes, and the latest guide is called Dune. As soon as the first majestic images appeared on screen, we felt just how much we had been lost to other Hollywood blockbusters – not only in Corona’s time, but also before that. In a movie scene that’s been dominated by the superhero factory for more than a decade – films that aren’t so badly produced as are interchangeable – it’s rare to see films like Dune, where every shot is a discovery.

Not that the story is really surprising: Villeneuve is based on Frank Herbert’s famous sci-fi novel from 1965, which has already been adapted several times – but never had much success, just ask David Lynch – and has been eagerly looted by its makers. star Wars employment symbol picture. Conspiracy Dune It has become a kind of archetype, to which Villeneuve attaches a unique overall experience.

Dune It takes us to the year 10191, on the planet Arakis: the pit of hell where the daytime temperature approaches around 60°C, and where gigantic sandworms invade the vast desert. But Arrakis is the only planet in the universe where “spice”, a precious substance that gives life and allows unlimited space travel, can be harvested.

Duke Leto Atreides (played by Oscar Isaac in Villeneuve’s version) was sent by the Emperor to oversee reclamation and control of the original Freeman. His son Paul (played by Timothée Chalamet), who also inherits the superpowers of his mother Jessica (Rebecca Ferguson), moves to the front but struggles to take on the enormous responsibility that falls on his shoulders.

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other worlds

Villeneuve took almost half of Herbert’s book – the whole movie was called Dune: Part One – , Spread it over a running time of more than two and a half hours. The result is a film that is relatively poor in terms of plot, but very rich in atmosphere, detail, and legend. Dune It transports you to other worlds in the same way Lord of the rings He did that at the time.

Villeneuve adds a sensual taste so overwhelming that you feel like you’ve fallen in with the spice. Brutal combos, elegant intergalactic costumes, amazing action scenes that look indescribably cool yet always remain personal… will make your pupils dilate, while the astonishing bass of composer Hans Zimmer (known from the films of that other colossus Christopher Nolan) blows his eardrums with the force of the wind. ten. This movie rages on you like a giant sandworm.

Now Denis Villeneuve has bad luck for setting himself high standards through projects like Access employment Blade Runner 2049, which in addition to the great science fiction films was also a tale of life and death and a meditation on humanity. Shoot at this level Dune: Part One A little too short. Above all, Villeneuve patiently builds a world, leaving the political, environmental, and psychological dimensions of the story (for now?) in the background.

Dune Thus it is not profound or philosophical. But do you know what a movie is to say the least? Stupid, boring or lazy. This is unfortunately very exceptional for a whopping 160 million pool. This is a first-class immersive, immersive mainstream cinema. One can only hope that Villeneuve is too The second part Until Dune becomes the next Star Wars.

“Dion” will be shown in Belgian cinemas starting September 15th.