February 2, 2023

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Dutch cutlery brand removes bowl with Anne Frank smile from collection after uproar

Dutch cutlery brand removes bowl with Anne Frank smile from collection after uproar

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Dutch crockery brand Blond Amsterdam has removed a bowl of food featuring a smiling Anne Frank from stores after an uproar over the image.

The bowl is part of Holland’s Glory series by Blond Amsterdam. Among the cheese, clogs, tulips, and windmills, the bowl also features a smiling Anne Frank graphic. The Center for Information and Documentation in Israel (CIDI), among others, criticized the “extremely inappropriate” photo of a smiling Anne Frank. This is not the context in which we should remember it. Sadly, her fate wasn’t exactly the epitome of “Dutch glory,” the reaction on Twitter.

As a result of the criticism, the manufacturer decided to remove the dishes from the shelves on Monday evening. “The series featuring the bowl should be a positive reminder of the Dutch scenes and heroes we are so proud of. Unfortunately, not everyone feels this way the way we envisioned it. Amsterdam. The company has announced that the income from vessels already sold will be donated entirely to a charity that has yet to be chosen.

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Anne Frank (1929-1945) lived for two years with her family and four other Jews hiding from the Nazis in a secret annex in Amsterdam. There she wrote her diaries, which are now world famous. In 1944 the bunker was betrayed and the inhabitants deported to concentration camps. Only Frank’s father, Otto, survived.

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