June 2, 2023

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Dutch nurse with covid is right by the judge: the healthcare establishment got it wrong

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A Dutch nurse has won a lawsuit against her employer after contracting the coronavirus in 2020. The healthcare organization must now pay compensation. write it Public Journal.

The 28-year-old woman reportedly contracted the coronavirus in April 2020 after coming into contact with a sick patient in a residential care centre. The woman had to treat one of the residents “who had a nose coming out.” She had already ordered a mouth mask several times, and according to her, there was also a supply, but the doctor had not authorized it. The use of a mouth mask was only allowed if there was an official suspicion of infection with Corona.

Eventually, the woman was left with coronavirus and decided to file a lawsuit against the health care establishment. On Wednesday, the court ruled that it was reasonable for the woman to have contracted the infection in the workplace and that the healthcare establishment had put employees at unnecessary risk. Compensation must now be paid to the young woman for the damages she has suffered and for the damage she will continue to suffer.

It will be a unique case. This is the first time in the Netherlands that a court has ruled that someone contracted an infection at work and will now also be compensated for it. Unions think it’s an important statement, but hopefully a group approach can now be introduced as well, so that every healthcare employee doesn’t have to prove individually how they got infected. (sgg)

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