June 18, 2024

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Dutch 'Spoorloos' program discredited again: Isabel found mother in Colombia, now looks like no DNA match

Dutch ‘Spoorloos’ program discredited again: Isabel found mother in Colombia, now looks like no DNA match

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For more than 30 years, the Dutch public broadcaster has been broadcasting without leaving a trace Out, good for over 600 episodes and Gouden Televiziering, one of the most important TV awards in the Netherlands. Manufacturers are looking for the missing relatives of the participants – often people who were previously adopted and are now looking for their biological parents, or children of single mothers who want to know their father. Program makers are also often successful in finding family members, which leads to emotional television.

But now it turns out that the installer that works for the program in Colombia was not always reliable. This was stated in the RTL5 program Tackling scammers On the road.

The man is said to have participated in at least 16 investigations. They are all now being re-examined. Nu.nl knows that a “mismatch” has already been detected in at least four cases. Mistakes have dire consequences. For example, a man paid for his brother’s studies in Colombia for years, while his brother or half-brother never did. And the heavy-hearted woman had to realize that the woman she thought was her biological mother, had absolutely nothing to do with her.

Colombian fixer

Now the makers of the show themselves come up with the story of Isabel. It was adopted in 2006 by without leaving a trace Combined with her biological mother. But now, sixteen years later, her dream has burst like a bubble. The woman who thought she was her mother all those years turned out to be a complete stranger to her.

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Isabelle was thrilled when the team was without leaving a trace She found her biological mother in Colombia in 2006. After that first meeting, she traveled to Colombia two more times, to stay there for a longer period of time and get to know her mother better.

Isabel and her brother were preschoolers when they were adopted in the Netherlands from a children’s home in Colombia. Unfortunately, adoption wasn’t a success story and Isabel had always dreamed of Columbia and hoped to see her biological mother again. In 2005 I wrote without leaving a trace in. With so little data, the research initially hit a dead end,” the makers say.

Emotional reunion

But Isabelle did not give up, and later came across the name of an employee at the children’s home where she stayed for the early years of her life. “This lady was found and she was a local employee of without leaving a trace on the mother. This woman, Maria, already said that she had given up a son and a daughter under difficult circumstances. She noted that Isabel and the older brother were her children and wanted to see her daughter again. This was followed by an emotional reunion in 2006 and it aired that fall.”

Although communication in the following years was often very difficult due to cultural differences and language barrier, Isabelle met her mother several times and cherished contact with her.

However, Maria began to have doubts, she admitted. Because their stories or what they remember from the past don’t seem to match up exactly.

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“Dina was taken from both this year. The result was negative, so there is no mother-daughter match.”

Since 2019, DNA research has been carried out on every Alvor file

Since 2019, DNA research has been conducted on every coil, say the makers of ‘Spoorloos’.