March 4, 2024

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Jennifer's Hasselt Concerts: This was the first day (Hasselt)

Jennifer’s Hasselt Concerts: This was the first day (Hasselt)


The first day of Jeneverfeesten is almost over. Thousands of people downtown enjoyed the atmosphere breathed by teams of all kinds at different venues. For example, the stanza “Hey Marijke…” for some listeners ended literally with “Hold me then…” or straight up, if you will.

Dirk Jacobs

Jeneverfeesten lives on exactly this stuff and then you can actually grab a drink, if Bob is with you. If you want to be sure, you can test if driving is still possible at the library at Kolonel Dusartplein. About sixty people did. On Saturday evening, they counted 41 positive and 17 negative.

“If the people are positive, we will give them a card with the phone numbers of the taxi companies in Hasselt. What to do next, they each decide for themselves. Most of them are actually, mainly for fun, very curious whether they are positive or not. If that makes you positive,” said the city guards. Think hard, our mission is accomplished.”

© Karel Hemerijckx

If you still want to go further, you can go from the “blow exercise” directly to the “solo work”. We have passed. The thriving cafe was full. with a lady. This is how things work after Corona.

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