June 5, 2023

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Eleven times with the children over the Easter holidays

There is spring, and there is the Easter Bunny. Rain or shine: it’s time to get out. Eleven tips for going out with kids.


Every Small: The Human Antenna

Kids will love this 3D animated movie: When All briefly serves as a human antenna so his neighbor can communicate with UFOs, he begins a great adventure. A telepathic green space girl comes down when everyone is feeling a little lonely. They become best friends. But there’s a pirate on the coast: a stuffed animal collector wants the girl for his collection. He does everything he can to help her get back into space as soon as possible.

Sphinx (Ghent), Kinepolis (Antwerp, Ghent and Hasselt), Roxy Theater (Koersel), Cinema ZED (Leuven), Euroscoop (Genk, Lanaken, Maasmechelen, Siniscoop), Cinema Central (Ninove), Lumière Antwerp.


Made tiktoks and musical instruments in MSK

Ghent Museum of Fine Arts challenges you to start with Tiktok and Instagram. This way you instantly look at those vintage artworks from a different perspective, and with a bit of luck they also make cute family photos. Or would your offspring prefer to roll up their sleeves? Then they can go to the museum to attend a workshop for making musical instruments.

Workshops on April 5, 7, 12 and 14 www.mskgent.be

Treasure hunt

Detectives in the Botanical Garden

The Easter Bunny visited the Meise Botanical Garden. Search the botanical garden for its crystals, complete designations and discover the mystery of the missing colours. GPS search takes you to the most beautiful places and also puts gray cells to work: to find the right coordinates, you have to solve brainteasers.

Easter task is suitable for children from 4 to 12 years old, www.botanicalgardenmeise.be


Children and young people take MAS

Do you dream of spending the night in a museum? On April 6, the Museum aan de Stroom can become your campground. You go on a mission at the fair Is anyone home? And learn all about house protectors. You are listening to the story of the sewer crocodile and making a dream come true. The evening ends with an exciting story and hot chocolate on the rooftop. MAS also has something to offer young people for the Easter holidays: on April 8, the fourth floor will be completely for them. Jonge Handen is a day filled with workshops on poetry, graffiti, sound scenes, improvisation theater and a challenging quiz.




More movies, with titina. One day, the Italian engineer Umberto Nobile was asked to build a balloon for the well-known Norwegian adventurer Roald Amundsen and travel with him to the North Pole. Nobile takes his beloved dog, Tetina, with him on the trip. The tale of triumphs and setbacks deftly critiques nationalism and overconfidence, without pointing fingers. An amazing journey through time through the eyes of a cute four-legged explorer.


Now in cinemas.


Iconic with wolves

The exhibition is still in progress at Villa Verbuilding wolf!. In illustrations from Flanders and the Netherlands, but also from France, Germany and Spain, you will meet the wolf in all possible forms, from cute to dangerous. Workshops are also added over the Easter weekend. Writer and illustrator Jan de Kinder distributes coffee, charcoal and erasers on April 5 and makes drawings on large sheets of paper. Then the kamishibai opens and tells the story of the Big Bad Wolf, who is afraid of the dark. Then he takes you into his drawing world and you discover – and techniques such as stamps, templates, monotypes, sticky letters, and collages. Or you can also make a wolf mask in the studio.

Jan de Kinder workshop on April 5 (6+), reservation required. Wolf mask making workshop on April 4, 7, 12, 13 and 14, www.vilaverbeelding.be

Music camp

Clinique and Clutter

De Bijloke takes children on a journey of discovery in studios filled with music, imagery and expression. Klink & Klater is a hilariously crazy music duo. Klink can sing beautifully and knows 1001 songs from all over the world. Clutter ‘intentionally on purpose’ detects the clattering, rustling and splattering of surprisingly cool sounds. Klink and Klater travel by land and sea – sometimes on smooth tracks, sometimes on bumpy roads. Are you going on a trip? Five days of wild musical fun guaranteed.

from April 10 to 14 (4-9 years old), www.amaj.vlaanderen/klink-en-klater-gent


You can learn to argue!

Two days of pretend play, sign making, learning to think critically… CC Belgica in Dendermonde teaches children to climb barriers. In this two-day workshop, you’ll learn how to use printing techniques to send your own ideas to the world. Do you want to start a school revolution without homework? Or organize a protest march against the buds? After a short introduction to what a revolution is, and the visual language best used for it, you’ll get creative with making flags and posters.

April 13 and 14 (8-11 years old), www.ccbelgica.be

Musical theatre

Maputo Mozambique

What do you get when you combine a European juggler, a musician, a director, and a group of young Mozambican artists? Then you get Maputo Mozambique By Cie Thomas Guérineau: Bouncing spectacle in De Singel with dance, circus and music. Thought you couldn’t fit into plastic bags? Think again.

April 16 (6+), www.desingel.be

Open air museum

It’s time for eggs and lambs

Throughout your vacation you can take part in leisure activities in Pokrejc: visit the blacksmith, the shepherd or the basket weaver and cuddle the newborn lambs. During the Easter holidays, Pokrejc celebrates as it did a hundred years ago. In the playpen you can take part in old-fashioned Easter games such as egg rolling, egg relay and mast climbing.



The struggle of the great generation

Whoever gets the highest score pac man? Who can build the fastest with Lego? Which opening dance would be a hit on Tiktok? In the House of Elgin, children and grandparents compete against each other. Challenge each other with funny tasks and discover together the customs and traditions that we pass down from generation to generation.


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