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Everyone at “The Kate”: This is how you style your hair in Kate Middleton's hairstyle without having to blow-dry it |  Nina

Everyone at “The Kate”: This is how you style your hair in Kate Middleton's hairstyle without having to blow-dry it | Nina

She has the best hairdressers in her court and it shows. But lately, Kate Middleton's hairstyle has been looking a little different: a little less regal, a little more contemporary. We wouldn't say no to this casual blowout of hers. And you don't even have to be handy to do it. Our beauty editor shows you the simple step-by-step process.

Sophie Verekin

Kate's sudden change in hairstyle is no coincidence, says hair and beauty expert Ines Bourgogon, when we asked her about next year's trends. “The classic, glamorous curls have been done away with, and the sleek comb-over is the current hairstyle.” So everything can be more fun and casual. Apparently this is also possible if you are the Princess of Wales. But how can you do it without a personal hairdresser by your side?

Left: Kate Middleton's new, casual blowout. Right: Our beauty editor Sophie with her creation. © Getty Images/Sophie Vereken

Kate's hair is thinner than before, with looser curls, but lots of shine. So it all starts with the right styling products. A great product is Dream Coat from Color Wow. Use a generous amount when your hair is still wet. If necessary, you can divide your hair into smaller sections to ensure the product is applied evenly.

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Dream Coat is only activated by heat, so a hairdryer is essential. But don't worry, fortunately, complicated tricks using a hair dryer brush are not possible. Dry the hair 80 percent, pulling it with your fingers in the direction you want it to fall. Optionally, use a round brush for the last 20 percent to pull the hair down gently and smoothly. I prefer a hot air brush. Give your hair extra volume at the roots by pulling it up.

What is the secret of this hairstyle? Honestly hair straightener. I personally swear by GHD's Chronos because it recognizes your movements—whether straightening or curling—and adjusts the temperature accordingly for best results. Divide the hair into several sections, then wrap the ends. Do not hold the tongs diagonally or vertically as you would with a classic curl, but horizontally, so that the ends curl vertically upwards. Kind of like if you wanted to do a 60s somersault. Do this section by section and always start a little higher to get a subtle waterfall effect.

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Allow the hair to cool, then fix it with hairspray. My favorite is the one from Sisley: very expensive, but feels so fluffy and soft, that the hair still moves naturally. Shake the hair with your fingers and, if necessary, comb it with a wide-tooth comb. Good to know: Your hairstyle will become more casual during the day. Finish the hair with some oil at the ends for a beautiful shine.

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