December 8, 2023

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Evie Hansen writes book about her dead mother: ‘It’s intimate and comforting’ |  Ltd

Evie Hansen writes book about her dead mother: ‘It’s intimate and comforting’ | Ltd

LtdEvie Hansen’s (44) new book is ready to be read. “Slow to Heaven” will be available on shelves from mid-October. This time, the presenter is not writing about her decision to give up alcohol or her participation in “Over the Ocean,” but rather about the loss of her mother, Arlette. She lost her battle with cancer last March. “It’s such an intimate and comforting story,” Evie explains on Instagram. “About an incurable illness, about a pleasant death, but above all about life.”

“But the book won’t just be about grief,” says Evie Hansen. She’s keeping it a secret for now what exactly the reader can expect. But it does give a little tip of the veil. “My mother recorded the messages on her tape recorder while she was sick,” Evie explains. “These letters were also incorporated into the book.” And it is a “touching story,” confirmed by her husband, Kurt Lewins (54 years old).

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Fight cancer

Arlette Jacobs first developed breast cancer eleven years ago. In 2021, the disease returned. With metastases in the bones and liver. And without hope of recovery. “Then my mum tried chemotherapy pills, but they made her very ill,” says Evie. She felt bad and could no longer go to parties. When the suggestion later came to start a new operation, I declined. With such treatment, you always have side effects. Without that, the doctors guaranteed her a maximum of four good months and she definitely wanted that. She consciously wanted to die. In a way it had a romantic image of death. But it’s a sign of it. She began the paperwork for euthanasia, and that day she also began arranging her own funeral.

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In the end, her mother died on March 14. He said in a tweet on Instagram: “Our dear mother passed away peacefully this afternoon.” “At home, with a view of the River Neate, surrounded by flowers and her family. Bon voyage, dear mummy. I feel you close to me. Until forever.”

“Slow to Heaven” will be available from October 26, 2023 and will be published by Horizon Publishers.

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