December 8, 2022

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Ex-Prime Minister Netanyahu heads for slim victory in Israeli elections

Ex-Prime Minister Netanyahu heads for slim victory in Israeli elections

The 30 Likud seats make Netanyahu another candidate for prime minister. But to truly reclaim power, Netanyahu must first persuade a few other parties to join a coalition. Netanyahu looks mainly at religious and far-right parties.

The Religious Zionist Party, a party committed to occupying more land in the Palestinian territories, is one of those parties. Opinion polls show that this party will become the third largest party in Israel, with 14 seats. Together with Shas, United Yehuda Touh and the Religious Zionist Party, Likud could gain a slim majority and return Netanyahu to the throne.

However, the anti-Netanyahu bloc led by Lapid appears to be losing. With 23 seats, Lapid’s party alone is smaller than Netanyahu’s, but even if you add the seats of political allies in the middle bloc, you won’t get the number of seats needed to house Netanyahu’s far-right bloc to play. . However, the outcome is not yet certain. Results for parties just above or below the electoral threshold of 3.25 percent are still pending. By overcoming the electoral threshold, you as a party in Israel are rewarded with four parliamentary seats, which can also have consequences for other parties or blocs.

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