April 22, 2024

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Father Britney bugged his daughter for years

Father Britney bugged his daughter for years

Father Jamie Spears is said to have bugged his daughter Britney for years. This is clear from

The latest documentary fromNew York times about the singer. Among other things, secret audio recordings were made in her bedroom and all text messages, calls and browser history were closely monitored.

For thirteen years, singer Britney Spears has been under the supervision of her father. The court-ordered agreement left her father, James, in control of her property and many aspects of her life. But this went further than expected. Alex Vlasov, a former employee of Britney Spears’ security team, attests to this in the new documentary Take control of Britney Spears. The employee was hired by Britney’s father. Witnesses how Britney was constantly bugged and her cell phone checked. The documentary is not the first from an American newspaper New York times. The issue about the management under which the pop star is, began to circulate after the documentary Britney Spears framing From the same newspaper. Show how the singers were manipulated and played by the media as a teenage girl(DS February 18).

Among other things, secret audio recordings were made from her bedroom, including her interactions with her children and partner. According to Vlasov, smart technical settings were used to track everything that happened on her mobile phone. This allowed all of her text messages, FaceTime calls, notes, browser history, and photos to be tracked from another device. Vlasov testified that “her telephone and private conversations were often used to keep her under control.”

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‘Like someone in prison’

The man backed up his claims, among other things, via emails, text messages and audio recordings collected over the course of nine years while working for Britney. According to the man, this helped people associated with the state – mainly her father – to control every aspect of her life.

“It reminded me of someone who was in prison,” Vlasov, 30, told the New York Times. However, according to James Speer’s attorney, any actions taken would be “within the limits of the authority granted to him by the court. This was done with Britney’s knowledge and consent,” the statement said.

According to Vlasov, his superiors often told him that strict security measures were necessary to protect Spears and that she wanted to be under guardianship. He said he felt compelled to share information when he heard what the singer had to say in court in June. There, the singer testified about extreme control. I’ve already done that several times. In 2014 and 2016, the world star already stated that she was not allowed to choose her friends, or choose the kitchen cabinets herself. Since 2019, the singer has refused to perform as long as she is under the supervision of her father. Earlier, her manager and court appointed lawyer for her resigned. The Bessemer Trust, which had been handling the financial side of the department with her father, also withdrew. In the end, her father also stated at the beginning of this month that he would ask the court to end the administration.

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