October 7, 2022

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New in your vocabulary: "Ma Stobbe" and "Bestie" are children...

New in your vocabulary: “Ma Stobbe” and “Bestie” are children…

“Ma Stobbe” is the kids’ favorite word of 2021, and it’s the favorite word for Flemish kids. Teen word of the year is ‘Bestie’. It was announced Monday evening during Gillis and Jovarts on MNM.

“Ma Stobbe” became the Children’s Word of the Year for 2021. With 60.53 percent of the vote, it is a convincing winner, followed by “Bruh” with 16 percent of the vote and “Brothers” with 8.47 percent, “Guest” with 7.53 percent and “Lol” with 7 and 41 per cent of the vote. . “Ma stobbe” means “off” but is pronounced “cooler”.

The word comes from TikTokkertimonverbeeck. “Of course I’m happy and grateful that ‘Ma Stobbe’ became the children’s word of the year. I myself never expected that TikTok’s statement could explode so badly. However, I would also like to apologize to all the teachers and parents who are already sick of hearing this,” he says. Timon Verbeek.

Teen news channel nws.nws.nws went on this year’s teen word search for the third time. This year’s honor went to “Bestie” with 27.38 percent of the vote, followed by “Sheesh”. “Drip” and “Visa”. Bestie means best friend.

“The fact that there are no Corona words on the list again this year proves the resilience of many children and young adults,” says Gertje Slangen, language consultant at VRT. They are not guided by what controls the adult world, but go their own way. The words come from their experience. They embrace society as it is and work with it. The language of children and youth appears in the world of TikTok, Instagram, and slang. This world is full of diversity and linguistic diversity.

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